Merck says Covid-19 pill may not be as effective as it thought

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    Merck says Covid-19 pill may not be as effective as it thought

Greetings All,

In a scan earlier I noticed this article:

Not sure if it will mean anything. Does make one wonder about these trials, such a huge delta and so soon after the glowing results. Between the outright deceptions of the Pzifer trial, the Remdesivir shenanigans, etc, these people more resemble keystone cops than the impeccable (medical) authorities they like to portray themselves as. The mutagenic characteristic of this drug were flagged immediately when it was announced, yet dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories’ by trusted media authorities. Is it not a criminal conspiracy to put forward such a drug with known severe negative outcomes, designing a trial to hide these, and seeking to profit from something no-one wanted due to its risk profile? Particularly when simple Aspirin had a similar (positive) effect (from Israeli data), and no such adverse outcomes.

Article extract below:

“Merck says Covid-19 pill may not be as effective as it thought
Merck says its Covid-19 pill could be less effective than originally thought, as regulators raise concerns over birth defect and pregnancy risks.

Selim Algar and NY Post
less than 2 min read
November 27, 2021 – 1:13PM

Britain on Thursday became the first country in the world to approve the potentially game-changing Covid-19 antiviral pill jointly developed by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, which is believed to reduce the risk of death by half. Matthew Larotonda reports.

Pharmaceutical giant Merck said Friday that its Covid-19 pill could be less effective than originally thought.
The drugmaker said the experimental pill, molnupiravir, was shown to be 30 per cent effective in fighting hospitalisations and deaths in a study of 1433 patients.

That’s a drop from a 50 per cent effectiveness rate in a prior study of 775 patients, the NY Post reported.

By contrast, a Pfizer Covid-19 pill showed an 89 per cent efficacy rate among 1200 patients who took the drug, paxlovid.

Friday’s announcement drove stock prices down by 3.9 per cent to $US79.12 in afternoon trading.

Merck released its latest results as the Food and Drug Administration considers approving the pill.

The FDA posted its analysis ahead of a meeting next week where an expert panel will weigh the evidence.

Capsules of the experimental antiviral drug molnupiravir. Picture: Handout/Merck & Co, Inc./AFP
The regulator has said molnupiravir is effective in combating serious Covid-19 illness and death, but that they want to vet it for birth defect and pregnancy risks.

FDA scientists said their review identified several possible risks, including toxicity to developing foetuses and birth defects that were identified in studies of the pill in animals, the Associated Press reported.

The FDA also highlighted a concern that the Merck pill created small changes in the virus’ spike protein, which in theory could lead to dangerous new variants.

The agency said Merck agreed not to make the pill available to children.

Officials have said that anti-Covid-19 pills can help to fight the virus in its early stages and can be especially useful in areas with limited vaccine availability.

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If regulators approve the pills, they could soon become the first drug Covid-19 patients can administer from home.

This article originally appeared on NY Post and was reproduced with permission”

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    Merck says Covid-19 pill may not be as effective as it thought

Can we just use IVM already?!?!

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