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Maximizing Personal Safety and Home Defense

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    Maximizing Personal Safety and Home Defense

Personal safety and home defense is the set of habits, skills, attitudes, resources, attitudes, and equipment used to defend one’s self, property, and other people from various criminal threats in one’s home. It focuses mainly on one’s safety either inside or around the home. Generally, the threat comes from different criminal activities such as theft, home invasion robbery, burglary, assaults, and murder. Here are some of the main options that can serve the purpose of personal safety and home defense.


Defending one’s property or self starts by understanding what self-defense means. There are many programs that teach everything that one needs to know about defending one’s self, family members, home, and all other important items. Also, there are defense courses that provide various techniques that are required in the learning process. These programs also help people to become more aware of other individuals, different situations that may happen, certain environments that need to be avoided, and specific things that one should look out for.

Protection Devices

Aside from learning the things mentioned above, one also needs to learn how to make use of the available protection devices. These devices can help prevent or stop any type of robbery or assault if used properly. They can be used in conjunction with the self-defense techniques and skills. Whether these devices are used by a male or a female, they serve a wide variety of purposes. These devices include stun guns, tasers, and pepper sprays.


The most important equipment that one needs for personal safety and home defense are the most obvious: quality locks, solid windows and doors, exterior and interior lighting, and more. Usually, most burglars choose not to break a residence if it takes too long, too difficult, and too much noise that will only expose them to the public or police. There are many safety measures designed to make the potential burglars change their mind about breaking in a home.

Law Enforcement

Additionally, it is also important to understand that the law enforcement officers are always there to provide protection. In a situation where one’s personal safety is at risk, it is important to have someone contact the local authorities for help. In most cases, however, one cannot always wait for them to arrive and take actions, it is important to be always prepared just in case a certain situation presents itself.

Alarm Systems

Numerous companies offer burglary alarm systems that come with advanced technological structure. These systems allow home owners to remotely monitor their home using their smart phones and computers.

Their main functions are the following:

• Deter home burglary, invasion, or robbery attempts
• Create an alarm sound whenever an intrusion has occurred
• Send a notification to the law enforcement once an intrusion occurred.

Make sure to always arm the burglar alarm before going to sleep or leaving the house. Also, make it a habit to set the perimeter portion of the burglar alarm. Finally, ensure that the alarm company that monitors the alarm system and notifies the police during an intrusion has an updated list of phone numbers and names to call whenever a home intrusion is detected.

Author’s Bio: Jim Taylor is known for writing informative articles on Personal safety and Home Security Equipment related issues. He writes for HomeAlarmMonitoring.org also.You can catch him on Google+,Facebook And Twitter.

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