Martenson Brigade Etiquette

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  • Sat, Nov 22, 2008 - 06:30pm



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    Martenson Brigade Etiquette

Hello everyone.  I’ve outlined a few etiquette standards that I ask all Martenson Brigade members to adhere to.  As a brigade member, you are the front-line representative of and the message of the Crash Course.  When you speak, people will listen.  There is no one else out there who will have more face-to-face contact with the global community than you. For that reason, we have defined these basic etiquette guidelines which we ask all volunteers to adhere to:

Martenson Brigade Etiquette:

  • Represent in an honest, non-confrontational,
    non-abusive manner.
  • Message board posts, blog replies, and news article comments
    should be presented in a natural, unforced, and impromptu manner.  We’re not trying to sell anything, just help get the word out.
  • Any quoted material from Chris’ blog or website should be
    identified clearly and not be represented as the poster’s own language.
  • Spam of any type (email, multiple message board posts, replicated
    text on different websites, etc.) is not tolerated.
  • Members are asked to post links to their promotional efforts in
    the designated section on the forum.  This not only helps us track
    activity, but also lets know who to pat on the back!
  • We ask members to report abuse by other members or

That’s it!  I will add more to this document if it becomes necessary.

Thanks for listening.




Lucas Altic

Director of Volunteer Operations



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