mandate vaccination by bluff?

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  • Wed, Oct 06, 2021 - 01:26pm



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    mandate vaccination by bluff?

I think a swab in the nose for a while is the only choice many will have who wish to avoid. The unknown is who will pay for that?

Assuming you can do that for a while, maybe that buys you the time needed for more options to surface or the tide to turn. Hard to say what could happen in a couple months. Maybe the old tech vaxc becomes available and is found to be an acceptable option by those currently refusing. Maybe the testing change at the end of the year dramatically changes the case counts and an sufficient level of heard immunity is declared. Maybe some other big change occurs such as recognition that vaccinated people actually are MORE transmissinve than are non vaccinated, or vacx adverse reactions becomes an unavoidable fact for the masses and this leads to a walking back of the mandate for anybody still holding out.

I can’t believe more companies are not opposing or at least F’ing waiting for the requirement to be clear and legal challenges exhausted. Instead it’s like “Oh Well, just another form HR need to fill out to stay compliant.

Other options, maybe change work. Look for small contruction crews and hang some dryway, nail some shingles or paint some stuff.

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    Legal strategies against vaccine mandates

This is specific to law in the state of Washington, but should have a broad application across the states of the union.

There are links to documents that cans be downloaded ….Excellent presentation by a concerned citizen.

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    Reply To: mandate vaccination by bluff?


I know a lot of people whom were fined for not having obmacare. They were retired and couldn’t fit the high premiums in their budget!

That was no bluff.

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    still no date for ‘mandate’

Psaki Can’t Say When Vaccine Mandate for Private Businesses Will ‘Be Finalized’

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