Malone, Vanden Bosshe interview with Dr Philip McMillan

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    Malone, Vanden Bosshe interview with Dr Philip McMillan

Worth watching.

Edit: about 38 mins in there is a graphic that explains what Geert expects to happen, and why.

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    Malone, Vanden Bosshe & Dr Philip McMillan -Finally Vindication!

Finally, vindication for concerns for current vaccine policies in the US and abroad.  Great interview clarifying the positive side to being unvaxed!  And the balancing function of same in reducing selection pressures.

This interview is packed with information that is never discussed in the media.  And based on the expert data here, it further clarifies the moronic policies, which are driving intense divisions between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

These 3 experts point out very clearly that the current policies are NOT based on scientific data and facts.  Geert Vanden Bossche clearly states multiple times that mass vaccination should stop immediately.

Don’t think that will happen, which points to either extreme incompetence in those making policies or it points to a very different agenda, rather than public health.

That’s why more than ever it is so important for individuals to continually educate and update their information about covid-19 and the truth of true science versus extra-political agendas.  Thank  you for posting this interview!

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    Reply To: Malone, Vanden Bosshe interview with Dr Philip McMillan

P.S.  I wish there could be an interview with experts such as these along with doctors who are swamped with vaccine injured patients, so a discussion can ensue to find out why these vaccines are producing such severe side effects.  Maybe Dr. Chris can arrange such an interview including Dr. Kory or Dr. Marik from FLCCC as well?

It would also be helpful to include experts and findings from autopsies from covid-19 as well as from people who have died due to vaccination.

Unless there are multi-discipline talks between experts dealing with the different phases of this pandemic, we won’t be able to truly find real solutions.

  • Mon, Sep 27, 2021 - 04:45am

    Adam B

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    Malone, Vanden Bosshe interview with Dr Philip McMillan

I’m writing a few observations on this one, as I’ve benefited a lot from others writing summaries or notes on other videos:

This was, for me, the more informative video I’ve seen with either Malone or Vanden Bossche. After introductions and other chit chat, the meat starts at about 18 minutes in.

One segment, starting at about 1:38.00, was particularly intriguing.

Geert: “The countries where we have high vaccination rates, we also have high infection rates. For me this is a complete no-brainer.” From the context, he was taking about high vaccination rates maintaining high infectious pressure, which I understood to mean simply a high background level of presence of the virus. The two go hand in hand.

He then says that the CFR is already higher among vaccinated than non-vaccinated in certain countries but the data is hard to uncover. By the time we can get the data in a few months or so, “we won’t have a control group any longer”

Malone then refers to “the ghost in the data” or “a persistent odd signal in UK data” that shows “there seems to be an excess of deaths in the vaccinated and yet a relative deficit of severe disease in the vaccinated. That might be the sign.”

From earlier in the video but I didn’t write a timestamp:

As for ADE, Malone explains that he doesn’t use the term much anymore because he was being “fact-checked” for using it on a technicality. Instead he prefers “vaccine-enhanced replication, infection or disease.”

As for ADE-like reactions, Malone said “the phenotype we need to watch for is the enhanced viral titer loads because that would be the true sign.”

He said scientists are not looking for it though, hinting that it may be intentional.
He said that what he needs to see is a breakdown, by weeks post vaccination, of the viral loads in the infected vaccinated. But he can’t get it.


Also, Geert starting at around 1:32.00 explains the travesty of vaccinating young people from the point of view of acquiring herd immunity, saying that the unvaccinated youth are the “vacuum cleaners” we need to reduce infectious pressure. They are key to reducing her immunity but that is lost if they are vaccinated.

Lots more of interest. Very much worth a watch


  • Mon, Sep 27, 2021 - 12:31pm

    Group Therapy

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    Malone, Vanden Bosshe interview with Dr Philip McMillan

I have labored through multiple two hour interviews with each of these experts over the last year or so.  Sometimes it is hard to be that patient.  But it is like a hammer on a forge.  The tool is taking shape and coming forth.

I think both have greatly contributed to each other, and the rest of us a mere flies on the wall, so to speak.  I’m getting it.  How about you?

The big challenge is to realize what a bunch of buffoons our regulators and policy makers have become.  Especially now at the highest pitch of the battle.

I do not expect good policy, good leadership, or even good science to come forth from our entrusted agencies and leaders going forward.

We are truly on our own.

I am Covid recovered.  Thank God.  Because neither industry/government leadership, nor the social fear mongering machinery will permit proper solutions.

As I said, we are on our own.  Carry on as if you are behind enemy lines.  Because you are.

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