Looking for post authoritarian literature

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    Looking for post authoritarian literature

Hi everyone, I’m interested in finding some literature – in much of the discussion I’m tuned in to I hear people discuss how authoritarian regimes take hold over time, or how successful cultures of the past have collapsed, but I don’t hear a ton of discussion about the “survivors” of those regimes or cultures.  I would be interested in hearing some kind of historical, post-society perspective that discusses an actual “survivor’s” perspective.  Any specific recommendations?

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    Island girl

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    Looking for post authoritarian literature

Vaclav Havel – the power of the powerless


Rod Dreher – Live not by Lies


Rod Dreher = The Benedict Option (website and book)


Dimitry Orlov – The Five Stages of Collapse Survivors Toolkit



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    Looking for post authoritarian literature

I had to think on it a bit, but here’s a few authors I know of who’ve written on empire and may have written on the subjects you’re after

Michael Parenti, Chris Hedges, and try Michael Hudson also.

Good luck!

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