Leuren Moret – Coverup – California Northwest USA BC Canada under radiation threat as high as Japan

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    “government body or

“government body or university”???  Even our very own Chris Martenson states his personal opinion about so called Ivy League Universities.

I don’t know where you got the ivy league thing from, certainly not me. But clearly I’ve either not made myself clear or you’ve misunderstood so let me clarify my position.

What I was saying is that if you are going to put yourself into the public eye and voice your expert opinion, I (me) would expect that you are qualified to speak in the relevant field, you can speak clearly and confidently about the topic and that there is some evidence that you hold the respect of your peers. This latter point I would expect to follow on from the former such that other experts bestow respect, and thus credibility, because they know that you know what you’re talking about. If not they’d call you out as a charlatan. This respect can be manifested in a variety of ways such as positions of importance in government (ie. you provide expertise, you are accountable, you are not a politician), a position of influence at a university (eg. professor and not necessarily at ivy league) or you’ve earned respectable awards (but not the Nobel Peace Prize, not anymore).

Consider these folks…

Brian Cox is a Professor of Physics at Manchester University (not ivy league). He has also presented numerous programs about astronomy, the cosmos and how the universe came to be. When you listen to him he clearly knows what he’s talking about. He’s qualified, has gained the respect of his peers (eg. through various awards) and speaks authoritatively.

Lord Robert Winston is a Professor of medicine, a TV presenter, a labour MP and holds numerous Fellowships. Again, when you listen to him he clearly knows what he’s talking about. He’s eminently qualified, has gained the respect of his peers in academia, medicine and politics. He also speaks authoritatively.

Albert Barlett is a Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Colorado (not ivy league). Aside from his professional background, it was his Exponential Function lecture that started opened my eyes, got me interested in world politics, finance and planning for the future. He also clearly knows what he’s talking about and has the respect of his peers.

Chris Martenson got his Doctorate in Neurotoxicology at Duke University, holds an MBA from Cornell University (ivy league). He’s held a couple of VP positions at Pfizer and now helps us prepare for the forthcoming collapse.

So the above people above have what I would expect from someone speaking as an expert. HOWEVER…just because someone has qualifications and earned the respect of their peers, that doesn’t mean they should be trusted. The first 3 aren’t from an ivy league university yet they are clearly experts. ChrisM got his MBA from an ivy league university yet we don’t discount him.

Consider these folks…

Alan Greenspan earned his degree and masters in economics at New York University (not ivy league) before ending up as Fed chairman, advocate of de-regulation, arrogant bastard and destructor of the US economy. He was qualified and earned the respect of his peers. Of course, many of those peers were criminals.

Ben Bernanke was a Professor at Princeton University (ivy league) before he took over as Fed chairman and desctructor of the US economy. He is qualified, has earned the respect of his criminal peers, talks a good talk but I don’t believe a word he says.

Of course, I single out these 2 as they’re topical but there are many scumbags who are qualified, talk with authority and have the respect of their peers. One is an ivy leaguer, the other isn’t and yet both guys have lost their way (intentionally or otherwise). Ivy league isn’t an indication of being better than other nor worse (check out Malcom Galdwells book Outliers).

Anyway, what I expect is that the expert has these things but I also apply some common sense. Do I believe them? Does what they say make sense? What are other people saying about them?

Cut to Leuren’s interview…in my opinion she does not speak with the authority (clarity and confidence) I would expect from an expert. She babbles. She forgot what she was saying halfway through an answer and has to ask for the question again. She isn’t a qualified nuclear physist (or nuclear anything) and I can find no evidence that she held any position such as a Professorship nor any respectable awards etc.

Again, trying to be respectful here, I respectfully disagree with your above assertion.

That’s cool. I respectfully respect that you respectfully disagree with my expectation. Hopefully I’ve at least made my position/opinion clearer. Good grief, we may even end up on the same page!


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