Let’s come up with a pre vaccination medication protocol to limit the damage

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  • Sat, Jul 24, 2021 - 09:36am

    Mike from Jersey

    Mike from Jersey

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    Reply to “a risky strategy”


One thing is clear.

The events of the past several years have completely unmasked our circumstances to a large percentage of the population.

We do not live in a “democracy.”

And we are not “free.”

Moreover, we are not “citizens,” we are subjects.

Our rulers are not “benevolent despots,” they are simply despots. They couldn’t care less about our well-being.

Large numbers of people are waking up to the reality of it all.

Because of that I agree that this “is a really risky strategy they are using.”

Now that the mask is off, our rulers are being forced to increasingly rely on coercion to enforce their will.

History shows that “coercive societies” lose the support of their subjects and eventually fail.

It may take time, but it will happen.

  • Sat, Jul 24, 2021 - 11:07am



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    no more velvet glove

Yeah over the past 18 months, the velvet glove has been ripped off to reveal the mailed fist beneath.  Which was always there, but I just didn’t see it.  Or chose not to.  It only affected – say – “Seth Rich.”  Not me.  Now, all the “colonialism” which I studied in school, and I saw as “unfortunate”, is now – much more explicitly – targeting me.

But we who have “dodged the bullet” (or so I tell myself) will not be the ones who get *really* angry.  That’s the next group – the ones who have been betrayed and whose families will have been egregiously harmed by this same group

And if my 5% number is accurate (the persistent gap between shot #1 and shot #2), its a big freaking group.

But the good news is – I believe there are lots of cheap treatments that work out there.  They’ve played this game on lots of compounds now – for decades.  I believe there are LOTS of “ivermectins” out there for us to discover.

“No Treatments For You” has been going on for a very long time.  That’s why they were able to trot it out so effortlessly here in the West.  Problem is – COVID went global.  And they don’t control “global” at all.


This is why I believe they’re gonna fail.

  • Sat, Jul 24, 2021 - 11:52am

    Mike from Jersey

    Mike from Jersey

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    Reply to “no more velvet glove”


You wrote:

Which was always there, but I just didn’t see it.  Or chose not to.  It only affected – say – “Seth Rich.”  Not me.

Same here.

I knew that things were not really “as presented.”

But I had no idea that they would “come after me.”

Actually, this eventuality was there “to be seen” all along.

Like yourself, I chose not to see the writing on the wall.

  • Sat, Jul 24, 2021 - 02:04pm



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    Let’s come up with a pre vaccination medication protocol to limit the damage

Most of my friends think I’m being weird and difficult but they know I have a science degree and spent a lot of time investigating everything covid related so even though they don’t believe everything I say they respect my opinion because they know I did the research. But honestly it’s weighing on me more everyday and as the media is scapegoating the unvaccinated I can feel the awkwardness growing by the minute. If it doesn’t get better soon the daily stress of being in this annoying position might prove to be more damaging than the vaccine, but of course I have absolutely no data to back up that statement since we still know so little about the long term impacts.

Just turn them off and make new friends! Do you still expose yourself to their transhumanist armageddon enslavement paradigm of disinformation? You haven’t turned them off yet? What are you waiting for?

A lot of stuff you mentioned in your list is already in my cupboard, I ordered some horse paste that will be arriving soon. I’m still looking for a credible source to buy the human ivermectin pills here in Europe but so far all I could find is dodgy Indian marketplace.

It’s not that hard to find, I’ve been handing out free IVM blisters to almost every non-NPC I encounter, LOL. Try these guys: https://www.indiamart.com/emedsmartpharmacy/

While I respect the concept of “gaming” the shot, I think the “prion” risk is probably higher than I’d like to roll the dice with. Gun to my head I’d probably take the CCP shot, just to check the box, and prepare my “terrain” by taking ivermectin beforehand. Rationale: the CCP shot looks like a weak version of the original COVID19 – which we know how to deal with.

The main Chinese shot seems to be just as bad if not worse, but at least they’re more honest in saying that it’s only “50% effective”. Some of the biggest curve explosions after vaxxing, and some of the biggest mass casualty events, seem to be happening in the Latin American countries and some others like the Phillippines using the CCP jab. CCP also has a 70,000,000+ body count, while the 4 main Western vaxx cartels may have only like a few million combined, so on that basis the CCP one is even less trustworthy, LOL.

It occurs to me that they sure seem to be in a hurry. Like there is – another ticking clock. The Plebes must all get the shot – now now now.

Yes, we’re waking up faster than ever, so they’re working against the clock. They would never have done things (censorship, election theft, PCR plandemic, vaxx spike[+GO?] bioweapon, the children, cyberplandemic for censorship and mass starvation) this quickly if they perceived themselves to be in a good position.

Maybe its the midterms, maybe its immune escape, maybe they’ve predicted vaccine failure on a timetable (they do have the data, certainly), maybe its the election audits, maybe its “ivermectin” (or some other cure) becoming more widely known…

It’s all of those, and it’s also the ascension of humanity and the Earth herself. The planet is a living organism, which is in the process of shifting its energy to the more harmonious higher-dimensional frequencies of the 5th density. And the higher the frequency, the more negentropic, i.e. self-organizing, manifestation/experience/reality becomes. There are two fundamental orientations a soul takes during its incarnational experiences: service-to-self which consumes until scarcity and panics, and service-to-others which builds synchronicity (self-organization), and they are vibrationally incompatible with each other. In short, the way out of chaos is much easier than we think, and it’s about you, not about whatever you think is going on “outside” of you. It’s about you learning to more purposefully shift yourself to (already-existing) parallel realities that are more representative of what you prefer. In other words, let’s build the new systems we prefer as the old ones collapse in our STO co-created realities while allowing for the idea of them persisting in the STS realities of the elite controllers and their NPCs for however long they need in their soul journeys. Those people will simply disappear from your life as their vibratory frequencies become increasingly incompatible with yours, even if you may be able to observe them for some time (and remember that nothing the TV shows is representative of what’s really going on, it’s cherrypicked to serve an agenda, it is truly overdue to turn them off and out of our lives).

This is a really risky strategy they are using.

Yeah, which suggests there’s an even more hardcore Phase 3, Phase 4… if the vaxx is Phase 2.

But the good news is – I believe there are lots of cheap treatments that work out there. They’ve played this game on lots of compounds now – for decades. I believe there are LOTS of “ivermectins” out there for us to discover.

Yep, and there’s even a very important one within the context of covid that many people are still missing/ignoring, which is CDS, which everybody should become familiar with, especially now as there may be nothing anywhere near as effective to combat Spike proteins.

  • Sat, Jul 24, 2021 - 02:08pm



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    Let’s come up with a pre vaccination medication protocol to limit the damage

I’m living in Western Europe also (as an Expat) and can understand your concern.  If the ‘EU’ mandates vaccines, then I think many member states would comply, but of course the Eastern countries do what they want.  So it’s valid that you are thinking of a ‘Plan B’ for the worst case scenario.  However, I’m glad to see you are planning to hold out for as long as possible.

Personally, the only reason I would get one is if I’m forced to in order to travel if an immediate family member is dying (which I expect will happen sooner than later, but not immediately).  The vaccine pressure hasn’t had any effect on me at all, except for a minor irritation when people treat me as though I’m ‘hesitant’ or ‘reluctant’, which implies I am unsure.  Like you, I am willing to sacrifice a lot, but am content to do it, and fortunately my spouse is of the same thinking so we have peace in the house.

Remember that a significant percent of Europeans are not getting the Covid shots – you are not the only one.  In France, these shots were ‘undersubscribed’ when they first started giving them.  Macron does not have the support of the people and he is also a weak leader, so I don’t expect any of his attempts at curbing freedoms to succeed. In Germany, there were protests in Berlin against mandatory vaccines, before the shots were released, prompting Frau Merkel to announce Germany would have no mandatory vaccines.  There has continued to be discussions around how to deal with unvaccinated people, so it remains to be seen what happens in Western Europe.

Holding out is the best action, and sooner or later news of the adverse reactions and questions about future impacts will become well known, and hopefully policies will change….

  • Sun, Jul 25, 2021 - 07:15am



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    Let’s come up with a pre vaccination medication protocol to limit the damage

Hadn’t looked into the prion disease evidence before. Seems very concerning though so far it’s mostly a theoretical argument based on models and research done on mice and monkeys.

I really hope they can figure out wether this is going to be a real issue or not soon.

At least all the data coming out these days supports my arguments that taking the vaccine to protect others is total BS. You take it solely to protect yourself from serious damage and there isn’t even any strong evidence to support that claim. A year ago I would say these exact things to people who had their doubts but I had nothing support those claims, now I do.

As long as prion decease hasn’t been excluded from the potential long term risks I will definitely hold out longer.

It’s nice to know we have a lot options to limit other damage in case it ever becomes necessary.

  • Mon, Aug 23, 2021 - 11:38am



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    Let’s come up with a pre vaccination medication protocol to limit the damage

What a way to start the morning!

The clotshot is approved and my province is going to bring in vaccine passports.

I need a job to survive and I have family that I will not abandon.  If my medically compromised mother, brother, or husband end up in the hospital, I will not be able to be with them.  I cannot abide thinking of that.  I am heartbroken that I will have to take the shot so I can look after those I love. My love for my family has been weaponized against me

I’m looking into what I can do to limit the effect of the VAXXX – all suggestions welcome. I’m hoping for protocols that do not rely on prescriptions (I don’t have a family doctor and I live in Canukistan so prescription meds used in other countries to fight Covid are not available here).  I do have some stuff from the feed store to deworm my “pony” before I head out to the parking lot at Canadian Tire for my execution (a bit melodramatic but that is how I’m feeling this morning – still in shock). I also intend to take an advil before the shot as that is supposed to reduce the effectiveness of the injection. https://bestlifeonline.com/news-otc-meds-covid-vaccine/

I like the look of Dr. Zelenko’s protocol as I can get my hands on most of the ingredients. I’m thinking of adding baby aspirin as a blood thinner and of course NAC.

On the herbal side (I have some training as a herbalist) I am adding dandelion tea (3 cups a day) and a tincture made from Star Anise, which is rich in shikimic acid.

I am considering the niacin flush thing but I’m unsure of when and how to use it.

These are my initial ideas but I am still in shock and could use your wise thoughts and ideas. I’m a female in my early 50’s with no commodities and I have been preparing my terrain in preparation for this day.  I think I have a pretty good chance at surviving the injection. However, I’m not so sure my heart will ever heal from this betrayal. 😥

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