Lessons learnt from a cow

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    Lessons learnt from a cow

So I was up early today. First feeding the cows, then the sheep. Then I spent some time breaking the ice out of the water troughs, refilled them, then carried up some grain. After that I fed the horse then lead him out of his stall to his winter spot then dumped some hay for him.

I was on my way back down carrying empty buckets and a pitch fork, thinking about my broken tractor; How I would fix it, what it would cost, whether there were any better alternatives….when I saw my milk cow Ellie walking towards me going in the opposite direction. She stopped in a patch of sunlight, stood exactly sideways from the sun and just stood there. Her eyes were half closed and I could just feel the satisfaction radiating out from this cow. Her sides were full of hay, she was on her way to get a drink and just stopped to absorb some warm sunlight and enjoy the moment.

This cow was living, alive NOW in the present while I was somewhere else. I was lamenting the past [ a broken wheel bearing ] and living in an imagined future [ laboring to fix it ]. Too much worrying and remembering. I thought wouldnt it be nice to just wonder around and have nothing better to do than stop in a warm spot and enjoy the sun?

I have a day almost to my self today, wife is at work, son is at school so I thought ‘why cant I just enjoy the moment today?’. Thats what I was thinking when I came inside and noticed the garbage had to go out….then I noticed the dishes needed doing…come to think of it, the place is looking abit messy. One can’t relax and enjoy the moment in a messy house…and then that darned check needs mailing…while Im in town I can stop in the bank and make that deposit…etc,etc.

Well now the whole thing has gone up in smoke. It occurred to me that the cow’s job is to make milk, which she does while enjoying the moment. A man’s job is to tend the cow [ and the 10,000 other things ], which perhaps he should also do while enjoying the moment?

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    Reply To: Lessons learnt from a cow

Amen, brushhog!

I love it when the quiet rustle of a field mouse in dry August grass makes me stop the harvest and just track its movement with my ears.

Every occasionally, I also remember to lay my body down and just watch the clouds roll by.

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    Lessons learnt from a cow

Amen, sir.

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    robie robinson

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    Lessons learnt from a cow

You Sir, have your “mare settled”.



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    joy comes from the simple things in life

A slow, deep, full breath.
A drink of cool, fresh, clean water.
The love and fellowship of family and friends.
The wonder of animals, both domestic and wild.
The smell and feel of soil and the plants that grow upon it.
The warmth of sunshine.
The feel of a pleasant breeze.
The sound of moving water and falling rain.
The songs of the birds.
The beauty of falling snow or the manifestation of a rainbow.
Taking the time to contemplate the beauty and wonder of all Creation.
Meaningful work and a job well done.
A good meal.
A good night’s sleep.

The best entertainment? Observing and playing with children and animals.

The gift of life and all it entails is a wonderful blessing.

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