learning growth system design from nature

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  • Wed, Sep 17, 2008 - 08:05pm


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    learning growth system design from nature

Chris’s view is great, but some larger perspectives of where our societal dilemma comes from are found in humanity’s great difficulty in understanding nature. I included an essay much like his Chapter 18 in my 1979 collection called "An Unhidden Pattern of Events" on the eventfulness of natural systems. http://www.synapse9.com/UnhidPatt-theInfiniteSoc.pdf I’ve gone a lot further too, with understanding the natural phenomenon of growth and humanity’s specific misunderstandings of it. So have various others, a small collection of whom I mention on my site.
I totally agree with Chris and others who say that it’s possible to redesign our systems to become naturally growth oriented but also sustainable. After the events around the world today it appears we’ll also be giving both the environment and ourselves a well deserved respite from ever accelerating impact growth… and a chance to think things through. I think we’ll come to see ourselves as hanging by a thread over a very much deeper precipice, and needing to make just the right choice to avoid loosing our grip and falling in.

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