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Latest Reflections on the New Website

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  • Fri, Jul 06, 2012 - 12:53am



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    Latest Reflections on the New Website

   There haven't been any good podcasts in a while. The content from Chris is always very good but there isn't much of that anymore. No easy way to see or find recent comments by subscribers and non-subscribers. The whole Forum thing is very confusing because there's no good way to see what track your post lands in. There's no help in translating features from the old site to the new site. In a word, Chris is missing from this new product and I don't think there is enough other momentum to justify the premium price. Thinking of terminating my subscription. Been relying a lot more on Carolyn Baker's Daily Digest. Maybe all good things must change and come to an end.

  • Fri, Jul 06, 2012 - 02:13pm


    Adam Taggart

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Seeker –

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Your points are interesting, as they run counter to an analysis we’ve just completed of how the new site compares to the old experience of 2 years ago (before we expanded the team and Chris wrote 100% of the content on the site).

Let me attempt to address each as best I can:


Since launching the new site, we have continued to release a new podcast each week in our Featured Voices section, in addition to the weekly Off The Cuff premium podcast in our Insider section. In the past 2 weeks, we’ve featured 4 interviews that Chris has given (plus 2 other excellent inteviews of Chris by Capital Account and FinancialSense), including a discussion with a well-known former US Senator which took months to arrange.

How many of these podcast interviews with notable minds was Chris producing 2 years ago? Zero.


Frequency of Chris’ articles

Over the past two years, the site has evolved to include quality content from others that complements Chris’ writing. After all, as one person, there’s a limit to what he can personally generate in one week.

An important goal of expanding our team and what this website offers was to give Chris the freedom to write *more* than he was doing while also offering *more* useful, original content from writers Chris respects.

So what was Chris’ frequency for publishing posts 2 years ago? On average, 2 x per week (1 blog post and 1 Insider)

What his publishing frequency now? About twice that. (on average: 1 blog post per week, 1 Insider post, 1 Featured Voices interview, 1 Off The Cuff interview). Plus, he has more time to devote to participating in the Comments on this site.

And what about the weekly additional exclusive, orginal analysis from thinkers like Charles Hugh Smith, Gregor Macdonald, Alasdair Macleod? Or the What Should I Do? weekly series? Or the new Groups, Wikis, or Daily Prep? None of that was available 2 years ago.


Finding recent comments 

You’ll find recent comments from users right on this site’s home page (beneath the Daily Digest & Today’s Market module) In fact, we just doubled it’s size a few days ago.

You’ll also notice it’s next to Popular comments – a new feature designed to surface the best comments on the site for you.

Recent comments are also displayed in most sidebars across the site.

There has been a bug where when clicking on a comment, you sometimes don’t get dropped off on the right place in the comment stream. We’ve been clear we’re aware of that and are working to fix. In most cases, it should be working properly now – but there are a few more left to fix.



Interesting to hear you find these confusing, as we’ve made no changes to the Forums from the old site to the new.

Perhaps you’re referring to the comment linking bug mentioned above. If so, as mentioned, that will be fixed soon.


Guidance on how to use the new site

Perhaps you didn’t visit the site in the weeks preceding or immediately following the switchover. We published a number of “here’s what’s coming” and “how to use” posts – including instructional videos – to help our readers prepare for the new site. 

If you did miss those, I’d recomment starting here:



All the changes above made over the past 2 years have resulted in a price increase for members of exactly $0.

In fact, with the launch of the new site (which was quite expensive and paid for 100% out of Chris’ and my pockets), we have removed much of our advertising in order to make the user experience better for all, so we are making *less* money per user.

But, whether to remain an enrolled user is a decision only you can make. Is there enough added value for you?

For our part, we will continue to listen hard to user feedback to improve and expand upon our free & enrolled offerings. Our new site represents a year’s worth of work doing that as best we know how.

If there are other specific issues with the site you (or anyone else) would like to bring to our attention, please use the feedback form here. You’re also welcome to PM me anytime.

  • Sat, Jul 07, 2012 - 12:40am



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    Reply to Adam

   Adam, thanks for the detailed reply. I hope I didn’t offend you by my tone or comments. I guess I’m having trouble adjusting to the new format and maybe I’m glossing over the obvious.

   You mentioned 6 interviews by Chris. I appreciated the FinancialSense piece very much. Where can I find the other 5?

   I did not find Sen. Bradley’s interview to be helpful. It’s content, for me, was “more of the same” institutional politics and I found myself hoping that this would not represent a drift toward a point of view that seemed to me at variance with what I have in the past found valuable about Chris’ writing.

   I didn’t know there was a weekly series on What Should I Do? Where do I find that and when is it published?

   In terms of publishing comments, the old site published subscriber and non-subscriber comments in separate lists. Does the new site drop that feature? I thought it was interesting in the past.

   I did watch all your instructional videos but they were not helpful to me. This is because what I needed was some kind of “cheat sheet” that would tell me where to find, on the new site, the features on the old site. If there is such a translator, I’d appreciate looking at it.

   The new group site is a bit overwhelming. It’s going to take me a while to see if I find value there.

   Again, thanks for taking the time to write. I hope my questions and your answers might be helpful to others.

  • Mon, Jul 09, 2012 - 11:24pm



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    just a question/comment on the new website

What was your “main” reason for changing the site?  I’m just not getting the “improvement”…..

I’ve been a fan since I listened to the Crash Course and subscribed a couple of years ago.  I really like your perspective and feel that it is so genuine and well thought out.  Now, I am revisiting whether I want to continue.  I seem to get your latest good stuff through other websites that I go to like and others.  I have about 4 subscriptions that I’m pretty sure I will unsubscribe to since they are not really “performing” up to what I would expect of them and I seem to get their perspective through other free sites.  

I’m paying $30 per month and that’s not considered enough to enter into the premium area…… $360 a year is kind of a lot and I think that it should cover everything that you have to say….. Or you should charge $12 per month for what you are currently offering.  




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