Lack of index/topical browsing

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    Lack of index/topical browsing

Newish member.

Very thankful for the contributors and owners of Have found the COVID and financial youtube videos by Chris and Adam to be very helpful. As my wife and I plan our future, we are working through Prosper and are attempting attempting to engage the site and community.

I would offer some feedback on the site, however. Very confused by how site contents are organized. There seems to be no way to browse anything by topic, index, etc…

Take wikis for example ( There are tags, but their use/purpose is unclear and inconsistent. Clicking the tags in the Food Storage wiki entry. (

In addition, it’s unclear if I can contribute to create/edit wiki articles, or how (

I’m a huge wiki advocate. I use wikis personally and professional on a daily basis. I’ve been a webmaster. Still, I’m having a very hard time getting high-level view of what knowledge exists on the site, and therefore, a difficult time understanding the value propulsion of engagement or where my skills/contributions may be helpful. These issues aren’t unique to the wiki section. I believe most sections lack a useful main page, and I think these issues are reflected in what looks like splotchy member engagement in the community pages.

If I had general feedback on the site itself:

  • Clearly define categories of knowledge (What’s a wiki? vs article? What’s the difference?
  • For each category of knowledge, create an automatically generated index page. Showing a hierarchy of tags is a great way to drill down.
  • For each avenue of engagement (books, youtube, homepage) consider a consolidated list of what those users are looking for. Consider a page for the Prosper book, with a list of links referenced in the book… Any links in books should not change.
  • Make member engagement options clear. (Can I edit/create wikis/comments/tags/etc)
    • I’d love to see a wiki for like skills inventory approach and worksheets, and other “Self Assessment” sections in the Prosper book. These could be behind a member paywall if needed.
  • Consider and automatic mechanism to prompt for feedback, capturing data such as:
    •  login status and user engagement score (to weight feedback)
    • time on site,
    • what they were looking for, and if they found it
    • general feedback
    • etc…

The knowledge on this site is clearly valuable. I would love to use as my go-to knowledge-base and contribute, but I can’t find what I’m looking for and I can’t see if I have anything to offer.

Feel free to private message if I can assist with improvements.

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