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LA Times Scandal

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    LA Times Scandal


Last week, the LA Times fired Ted Rall for lying in an article he wrote for them about getting arrested for jaywalking. The Los Angeles Police Department gave the LA Times an audio recording they said proved that what he wrote hadn't happened. It was 20 seconds of talk plus six minutes of noise. Neither LA Times reporter Paul Pringle, tasked with leading the investigation into him, nor LA Times editorial page editor Nick Goldberg, bothered to authenticate the tape or to analyze it.

With his reputation on the line, Ted  did what the LAT should have done: he hired a professional post-production company in L.A. to take a look at the LAPD audio tape. The cleaned-up version shows shows that everything Ted said about the incident but that the LAPD denied was, in fact, true: the LAPD officer had been rude, so much so that he attracted a crowd of angry onlookers who shouted at him repeatedly. The officer did handcuff Ted, as described in his article.

You can read more about it, listen to the tape, and read a transcript, here:
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