Kurzweil’s vision of a

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    Kurzweil’s vision of a

Kurzweil’s vision of a future where humans increasingly meld with computers and experience advanced "virtual worlds" shows a cold detachment to the natural world we supposedly live in and depend on. It’s called Earth. "In my view, we are not another animal, subject to nature’s whim," say Kurzweil. His belief that humans will be able to live forever via technology is narcissistic and dark, in my opinion. Dr. Andy Miah writes,"It is clear that in some realms of scientific research, we are no longer concerned with meeting any human need, nor is there any defined ethical framework within which R&D takes place. Jaron Lanier, who coined the term "virtual reality" and founded the world’s first virtual reality company, is quoted as saying the following:"Medical science, neuroscience, computer science, genetics, biology-separately and together, seem to be on the verge of abandoning the human realm altogether…it grows harder to imagine human beings remaining at the center of the process of science. Instead, science appears to be in charge of its own process, probing and changing people in order to further its own course, independent of human agency."

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