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knock-on effects: giving birth

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  • Sun, Mar 29, 2020 - 07:33am



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    knock-on effects: giving birth


Summary: asymptomatic women become symptomatic WHILE or in the day after giving birth, wind up in ICU.


The 38-year-old … nor her husband reported any of the worrisome symptoms that health care providers are watching for to screen for COVID-19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat. In fact, the woman’s temperature was slightly below normal, at 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, while the woman was in labor, her temperature climbed to 101.3. … As they were stitching up their patient, she began to hemorrhage uncontrollably. The team raced to intubate her, but her breathing rapidly worsened. When doctors finally had her condition under control, they decided to evaluate her for COVID-19. She tested positive.

“The second asymptomatic mother-to-be… did not begin exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms until 25 hours after she delivered, or more than 60 hours after showing up at the hospital with her husband. Over that period, the study’s authors said, “An estimated 15-20 healthcare providers were exposed to this patient, again without adequate [personal protective equipment] prior to diagnosis.”

“Until adequate PPE supplies exist,” the report said, “we can reasonably expect our obstetrical and anesthesiology providers to become ill and exit the workforce at an accelerated rate.””


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