Karen Kingston – Must watch – no words could describe

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    Karen Kingston – Must watch – no words could describe

Pure insanity.  I cannot even think about the crimes we are speaking of.   There are no words regarding the level of evil.

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    We have treatments for Covid, but no treatment for a corrupt police state

This patent outlining fascist control actually exists.

I looked up patent # 2021/0082583 A1 and actually got another related patent with the same author US 11,107,588 B2.  This is all about control….prioritizing treatments for those deemed to be superspreaders…..”Including vaccinations,testing, and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals”

Australia is launching “G2G Now”  which is a remote virtual check in app.

This is like science fiction…..except that it is real. Thanks nordicjack for posting.


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    Mike from Jersey

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    Karen Kingston – Must watch – no words could describe

Here is something that may be related to that:

In England and Wales the female fertility rate fell to 1.58. That’s 0.5 less than the previous low of 2001 and 1.5 less than the wartime fall to 1.73 in 1941.

As it stands, and in fact since 1973, the fertility rate in England and Wales has been below ‘replacement level’. As described by the source, “replacement fertility is the level of fertility required for the population to replace itself in size in the long term. In the UK, women would need to have, on average, 2.08 children to ensure long-term “natural” replacement of the population.”

England and Wales Fertility Rates Plummeting Below Population Replacement Levels

I am sure that the “authorities” have innocent explanations for this. But at this point, I no longer accept “normalizing” explanations.

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    Karen Kingston – Must watch – no words could describe

I agree with some of it but not all of it. I’ve trained an AI to assist me at work. It helps with process troubleshooting. Not all AI is bad.

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