JUNE 8 DEADLINE to comment on unneccessary FDA regulation of…

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    JUNE 8 DEADLINE to comment on unneccessary FDA regulation of…

Source: Citizens for Health.

Earlier this week the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was back in the news thanks to a rule proposed by the FDA that would make this bad law even worse. The deadline for comments to the FDA is today, Monday, June 8;  Citizens for Health  (CFH) is appealing to us to take action while there is still time. (For a sample letter, use the link at the end of this message).

CFH fought for more than a year to stop this law, and thanks, in part, to thousands of letters from CFH supporters, when it did pass, it did so with a critical addition – the Tester-Hagan Amendment. This provision exempted any facility that sells the majority of its food directly to consumers at locations such as roadside stands and farmers markets and required the FDA to develop a list of other facilities to be considered – and it has developed quite a list.

The FDA's new rule would limit the exemption to farms alone . This would undercut many small artisan food producers and subject them to unnecessary regulation and burdensome costs.

The deadline for comments is June 8 – send your comments now opposing the FDA's proposed rule.

For businesses that must register, the proposed rule requires electronic registration and a contact email address. It also requires food businesses to register with Dun & Bradstreet to get a "universal number" for filing with the FDA.

These requirements pose a problem for small, local businesses whose owners do not have convenient internet access or use email regularly, for religious, practical, or personal reasons.

Support local food producers by speaking up now!

For a sample letter, click here . The deadline is today, so act now!

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