Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

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    Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

I may be forced to have a booster soon, I work at a large healthcare system, I’m not in the financial position to be fired or quit my job.  I’m hoping Federal or State level lawsuits will block forced jabs but it’s not looking good from what is happening in Europe.

I had both doses of Pfizer about a year ago and through education/learning about these shots the past year I’m not going to volunteer for a booster.  If forced is The Johnson and Johnson the way to go vs Pfizer and Moderna??  Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Reply To: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

JB, sorry you’re dealing with this.  Welcome to PP.

It isn’t just the choice of vaccine but also the numerous things you can do to protect yourself from adverse effects.  Like starting ivermectin the day before the jab and following up with much of the treatment protocol as if you had Covid. is a source of some of that information.

Many of us are fine with taking horse paste.  It’s a cheap, readily available source of IVM.  Or an online doctor could supply you with a prescription for human grade.

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    Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

I’m sorry you are dealing with this.
If I were in your shoes I would demand the FDA approved Pfizer  corminaty.

Twenty years from now when there is a class action lawsuit on all of this, think asbestos, having all the vaccines from the same company is going to make the legal challenge much easier.  If you mix and match they will blame each other or the interaction.

And I agree with Kat43, you want to do the prep stuff before you get the shot.


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    Jim H

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    Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

J&J, being an adenovirus vectored mRNA platform, needs to both get into your cells, and then into the nucleus of your cells in order to unload the DNA payload that will then send the mRNA back into the cytoplasm of your cells.  The Pfizer and Moderna shots don’t have this extra step – they unload directly into your cell’s cytoplasm and get to work creating copies of the mRNA.  Why is this important to know?  Because J&J is the only shot that can be interdicted at the nuclear membrane – if it can’t get there, it can’t start the mRNA cascade.

What does Ivermectin do?

Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated nuclear import able to inhibit replication of HIV-1 and dengue virus

The movement of proteins between the cytoplasm and nucleus mediated by the importin superfamily of proteins is essential to many cellular processes, including differentiation and development, and is critical to disease states such as viral disease and oncogenesis. We recently developed a high-throughput screen to identify specific and general inhibitors of protein nuclear import, from which ivermectin was identified as a potential inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated transport. In the present study, we characterized in detail the nuclear transport inhibitory properties of ivermectin, demonstrating that it is a broad-spectrum inhibitor of importin α/β nuclear import, with no effect on a range of other nuclear import pathways, including that mediated by importin β1 alone. Importantly, we establish for the first time that ivermectin has potent antiviral activity towards both HIV-1 and dengue virus, both of which are strongly reliant on importin α/β nuclear import, with respect to the HIV-1 integrase and NS5 (non-structural protein 5) polymerase proteins respectively. Ivermectin would appear to be an invaluable tool for the study of protein nuclear import, as well as the basis for future development of antiviral agents.

If this does work, it will ONLY work to slow down J&J.

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