John Michael Greer: Archdruid Report Essays

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    Arthur: Arrogance Or Ignorance?


If you had been reading along, you would know that John Michael Greer has been talking about progress as a religion, and the "scheduled death of God" is about the death of the idea of progress and Western civilization – and Spengler's predictions of it based on a morphological analysis of various civilizations of the past and present. Not of the actual Judeo-Christian God.


[quote=Arthur Robey]

Has anyone informed God about this development? God will be amused. God is not a construct of the human mind. The human mind is a construct of God.

Sheesh. What an arrogant Ape.


  • Sun, Jun 30, 2013 - 10:07pm

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    An Abuse of the Word “God”

You are correct Poet, I have not been following the conversation at all. But I do understand what is meant by the word God.

If the general thrust of the discussion is that technology and progress are doomed then we might as well all go out and commit suicide en mass right now as technology is what were are. As a leopard is a predatory cat and an earthworm churns the soil we are technology and progress.

This is exceptionalism in another cloak. An earthworm is different to a leopard and we are different to both. Which one is superior? We are all interdependant. Our function is neither superior nor inferior to an earthworm. It is different.

We are the awakening of the organism that is Gaia. Has gaia got a brain? Yes, and we are it. Life is the purpose of the Cosmos. Gaia is one form of life in a cosmos teeming with life. The inate cosmos has no other purpose than to support life. If you argue that there is no purpose to the Cosmos then I as a representative of life, claim that purpose.

If one is offended by the contents of ones brain does one blow them out? If so how does that action benefit the liver?

So why has Gaia developed a brain at this precise junction in our evolution?

The sun has increased it's temperature over 4.5 billion years. We are exiting the Goldilocks zone. This is a crisis. Gaia must leave the rock upon which it was born and gestated. That is our role. Neither the Leopard nor the earthworm can achieve this. It is our function.

To do this we have to have a lot more progress and technology, and none of this hankering for a return to the womb. We are a two year old toddler screaming and hollering about how unfair life is, soiling our nappies and throwing our toys out the cot.

We have a lot of maturing ahead of us.

  • Mon, Jul 01, 2013 - 01:38am

    robie robinson

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    Pascal said to first

"God made man in His image,Man has been returning the favor ever since." Blaise

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    one billion years

Your persistence paid off Aurthur.  I finally did a wee check on this idea of Earth leaving the goldilocks zone.  Wikipedia agrees with you.  Gaia has about a billion years.

"However, new research suggests that after the Sun becomes a red giant, Earth will be pulled in owing to tidal deceleration.[113] If Earth should escape incineration in the Sun, its water will be boiled away and most of its atmosphere will escape into space. During its life in the main sequence, the Sun is becoming more luminous (about 10% every 1 billion years) and its surface temperature is slowly rising. The Sun used to be fainter in its early past. The increase in solar temperatures is such that in about another billion years the surface of the Earth will probably become too hot for liquid water to exist, ending all terrestrial life."[113][114]

I don't think well in billions and tend to just ignore them.  However, Gaia DOES, and has invested a couple of billion years into the creation me and the rest of her wonderous self.  If she is sentient, she might be very glad you think like you do.  This is the first time the idea of leaving Earth has made any kind of  spiritual or philosophical sense to me.  I still think we would simply go mad, despite the wonder of space, if we left Gaia behind.  We are not very aware of how bone and soul deep our union with this globe is. I still think we don't have the inner or outer resources to pull off life elsewhere, even though sci-fi is awesomely fun stuff.  I still think we have to learn how to handle our own psychology and become a reliably decent, intelligent species before we can go anywhere. My energy will go into becoming a cooperative, contributing biosphere element here, now, but your post has changed my understanding of Earth and time for good.  One billion years is not eternity on her timeline.  Perhaps our decendents and Gaia will sort out an exit before the water boils.



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    John Michael Greer: Archdruid Report Essays

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