I’ve got my DVD order delivered… so now the challenge is to get people to watch them

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    I’ve got my DVD order delivered… so now the challenge is to get people to watch them

I’ve ordered 30 and they just got in on Wed. Thanks guys!

Here’s the deal. At first I thought I’d give a bunch of these to family and friends but after a while and after talking to some of them that changed a bit. Why? Well most of them will simply always just have their settings stuck at "APATHY" and just think I’m crazy. I don’t want to just waste the DVDs and have them collect dust on their
shelves while their TVs are stuck on sports and sitcoms. The friends I’ve talked to and express a bit of interest I’ll give them a copy and tell them to pass it on.

Here’s where I’ll send the rest in the coming days

  • alternative video rental outlets
  • local college and university student centers that focus on social issues. There are often Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) based out of there.
  • different branches of public libraries (not sure what the policies are and if they’ll circulate)

Any other suggestions I’d like to hear?

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    Re: I’ve got my DVD order delivered… so now the challenge …

Today I was in an auto parts store picking up a few things I had ordered.  The owner handed me some small items in 2 bags. I consolidated into one bag  and handed him back a bag and told him how we really have to keep an eye on our planet’s resources.  There were three employees standing there. One of them really agreed with me.  I saw that the concept of environmental responsibility was real to him.

So I started talking about what is really going on with our planet, with the exponential explosion of population, etc. And the fact that we cant just jump on a ship to another planet when we run out on this one.  Now I had them all interested.

I told them about this brilliant guy who has laid out a great understanding of what is happening with our economy, and our planet.  I told them how the message was so important to get out that he made available a DVD on the subject at cost.

They each bought one for a buck.  Total strangers.  I will followup next time I am by there.

I also went into my little town grocery store and talked with the owner.  I pulled him aside, briefed him quickly on my concerns with the economy, and told him that it was important to me that he had this data as I considered him to be a community leader in our town.  He bought one.  I will follow up to see if he has watched it.

I think its important to get them to pay something, Im going with the fact that it is a non profit activity so Ive been only asking a buck to start.  But Im gonna up the price – play it by ear.

Strike up casual conversations with anyone about the economy – thats real enough to almost everyone.  If they seem at all interested in the subject then you have a bridge into discussing the crash course.

Its a numbers game – talk to enough people about it and you’ll find the ones that want to learn.Those are the ones to sell it to. 








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    Guilt: The oldest and most reliable motivator

I’ve been giving away DVDs to complete strangers, but the approach I take is to show it to them first, let them see the $10 price tag, then I say "Look, these obviously cost me money (I let them assume that means $10), but I’d like to give it to you as a gift because I really care about this cause. But please, only take it if you promise to actually watch it. If you aren’t interested in actually watching it, I’d ask you not to take it so I can give it to someone else". I try to get them to actually say the words "I promise to watch it".

Many people politely decline. If they say no, I don’t argue with them. I don’t want to waste my $1 (cost) on somebody who’s not going to bother watching it. But most people agree, and the ones I’ve seen again and have followed up with described the contents, so I know they’re actually watching.


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