ISO Investor/Partner for Permaculture Farm in Great Area

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  • Thu, Aug 06, 2020 - 09:48pm



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    ISO Investor/Partner for Permaculture Farm in Great Area

Southern Oregon permaculture farm has spaces for investor/partners to join up. Four Corners Farm was started last year by a permaculturist, formerly a construction contractor, with a green thumb and extensive animal experience. Basic self-sufficiency is a priority, so we envision 7 on-farm specialties: 1).CSA market garden, 2).two-cow dairy with hogs; 4).meat & egg chickens;  5).pasture-cropping for grains; 6).making compost, fermented fertility, and herbal pesticides; 7).orchard with tree nursery. These specialties feed into one another. Partner/operators provide enough for the farm community and can sell the rest. Possible farm income specialties on top of the above sufficiency activities may include: commercial blueberries, hazelnuts, elderberries and/or CBD hemp flowers. Also a community U-Pick with a natural swimming pool feature, an appropriate technology maker workshop using gravity-compressed air power, and/or a natural building materials storage yard for poles and clay are all contemplated. If you are interested in any of these specialties, you can buy into the farm and live here in a variety of possible situations: either a house, apartment, bunk room, tiny house, RV, or yurt. There will be an outdoor community kitchen and a community laundry and bathroom. After Covid, events and classes may be possible. The second house could go to an elder investor who wants to support the farm financially in exchange for a secure healthy lifestyle in retirement. The area is a beautiful mosaic of many flat valleys among forested mountains. The demographics are diverse with much useful knowledge in residence: tradesmen, farmers, and white-collars as well as many live-anywhere artists and on-line professionals all live around here in a friendly country atmosphere. We are 30 miles from an interstate and a regional airport. The farm is situated on land not subject to fire or flood with good ag soil and 3 water sources.  The views are gorgeous. A formal permaculture plan for the farm will be sent to serious inquiries. Contact [email protected].

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