Is it time to think about Ebola again?

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    I hope it works

This seems very promising.  I will now move this off my list of things to worry about, and I hope that the Ebola virus can be eradicated and controlled.


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    re: Answer: yes

The whole Ebola thing is a scam, the vaccines are spreading it around, there were even protests as the locals also noticed this.

It is a fact the Measles vaccine causes and spread Measles, it is a fact  the Mumps vaccines spread and causes Mumps, it is a fact the HPV vaccine causes Cervical Cancer, it is a fact the Polio vaccine is spreading Polio. All of this is well known in science but for some reason nobody wants to read any of it…

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    LtCdData–do you have some source information to share

I would be interested in where these impressions come from.

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