is Florida a honey trap?

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  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - 01:08pm

    Andy in the Sun

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    Pressure Control

Why is it that Tucker Carlson and the others haven’t been deleted off the internet? If the elite are all so powerful, how do people with loud voices (Governor Desantis, Rand Paul etc…) still able to get away with saying what they do?

Well securitygirl…. easy, ever noticed the tiny hole in the cover of your cooking pot? 😉

Without the hole pressure will build up rapidly and a blow off is guaranteed. With the hole you can actually raise the temperature even a little above boiling point.

For my understanding the few that speak out are selected ones allowed to speak out as a kind of controlled “social pressure relief valve”. Even though these few might have honest intention, but they are kept in numbers to a limit and hence, are herewith controlled and contained again.

Did you notice? They are always visibly outstanding but kept isolated… never in a group. And should they get too powerful they will be instantly contained or terminated in various ways.


  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - 02:24pm



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    is Florida a honey trap?

That legal language is scary as hell. It is literally a mechanism for internment camps, behind whose walls the unspeakable will eventually take place.

It must become socially odious to work in such apparatus. I notice some tech people are circumspect and hesitant to admit working for Facebook, and some are reluctant to initially admit to being from a pariah apartheid state.

So, it’s got to be more than awkward, making smalltalk at a barbecue, to say something like “Oh I work in security”

“what kind of security?”

“Oh at that new place….”

“you mean at the Resiliency Camps? How can you fucking stand to work there? Put down the Cole slaw and get the fuck out, before you need some health care. Scum.”

This level of polarization has already been achieved, and even embraced, among many who are fully bought into the tribal, partisan warfare dissociative state, and I don’t think it should be countenanced in such circumstances, but, how else to discourage the actual people who will be acting as muscle against their fellow citizens?

  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - 02:48pm

    Randal Mutter

    Randal Mutter

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    is Florida a honey trap?

I’ve lived in coastal Florida most of my life. I don’t think Florida is a honey trap; it’s more like the sticky sex wax for your long board you find at the surf shop.

  • Fri, Oct 15, 2021 - 03:55pm



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    Reply To: is Florida a honey trap?

 If the elite are all so powerful, how do people with loud voices (Governor Desantis, Rand Paul etc…) still able to get away with saying what they do?  I’m supportive of their messages but again, nothing adds up?

They are powerful but not “all powerful”. I think it is a big mistake to think so, its also a mistake to think that everything that happens is part of the “elite’s plan”.

They’re human beings [ sorry arthur ] and they make mistakes, misjudgements, blunders, and oversights just like everybody else.

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