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Iron-hydrogen resistor

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    Iron-hydrogen resistor

Iron-hydrogen resistor



An iron-hydrogen resistor consists of a hydrogen-filled[url=]STE180N10[/url]

 glass bulb like a light bulb, in which an iron wire is located. This resistor has a positive temperature coefficient of resistance.[url=]hm6116[/url]

 This characteristic made it useful for stabilizing circuits against fluctuations in power supply voltages.The modern successor to this device is the[url=]alps[/url]

 current source.When the current rises the temperature will increase. The higher temperature leads to a higher electrical resistance, opposing the increase in current. The hydrogen[url=]P2803NVG[/url]

 filling protects the iron not only against oxidation, but enhances the effect since the solubility of hydrogen in iron will increase when the temperature increases, resulting in the higher resistance.Iron-hydrogen[url=]PT2422[/url]

 resistors were used in the early vacuum tube systems in series with the heaters of electron tubes to stabilize the heater current against fluctuating supply voltage.



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