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Intuition and navigating collapse

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    Intuition and navigating collapse

Anyone else here have a gut feeling that a major downward inflection is imminent within the next year?  I do – I feel sick as a I read the news, even though I’ve been integrating my expectations about collapse related issues into my life for 10 years now, and have been doing some preps (albeit half-assed ones) over the years.  Last time I had a similar feeling was around 2008-2009, when I got a sick feeling in my stomach watching my financial investment preparations going up while everything else was going down. 

How much do you all trust and base your actions on your intuition?

My earliest awareness of collapse related issues were entirely intuitive –  came when I was a kid back in the 70’s, and were at that time environmentally oriented – I had this unshakable sense that industrial culture was going to irrevocably eviscerate the natural world and in the process collapse our society as well, and up until 2007, and for many years my focus and work around collapse related issues were limited to environmental and conservation issues (I think they must have been influenced by the fuel crisis in the early 70’s as well – illustrating how fragile our system really is). 

By chance I read a blog post in 2007 predicting the bursting of the housing bubble and ensuing financial calamity, which piqued my interest, in a profound milestone kind of way.  I then did more reading on the topic, which initiated my fascinating climb up the marcroeconomic learning curve (a subject which I intentionally mostly avoided up until then), and concluded that predictions of financial doom were spot on and warranted a personal response.  And to my amazement, shortly after I reached this conclusion, I closely watched it start to happen just as I was starting to align my finances with this understanding.

Intuition is a funny thing.  I want to fully trust it, but I’m not so sure.  Is its substance a mere function of the manifestation of an individual’s collective combined experiences in a semi or unconscious form, or is it tapping into some kind of collective phenomenon that any individual is only part of – something that we don’t understand fully and is psychically overarching?  I’ve had what I thought were clear/deep intuitive certainties that later proved to be completely erroneous and damaging that were based on – as later proved clear –  things that I was going through at the time (also influenced by pharmacological side effects),  Yet on the other hand, I’ve also had intuitive feeling that proved to be spot on and genuinely beneficial prompts for appropriate responsive action.  I even had one semi-prescient episode of mental activity the morning of 9/11 an hour or so before the planes hit, that I was only able to interpret after the fact as perhaps having tapped into something beyond myself.

I bring this up because, anticipating the unpredictable, chaotic collapse dynamics that will sooner or later envelop us, there will be times where intuition may be all we have to go on and perhaps will be a critical part of how we navigate what will be coming.

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    Educate Your Intuitions

Re intuition: "Trust but verify."

Take your intuitions seriously but try to check them against other sources of knowledge before taking action.

The value of intuition will often vary depending on one's level of knowledge regarding the thing the intuition is about. In some areas I would trust my intuition a lot, but in others I'd need to be skeptical of my own thoughts. Some wise friends who will let one pick their brains can be a great blessing.

>> Is its substance a mere function of the manifestation of an individual’s collective combined experiences in a semi or unconscious form, or is it tapping into some kind of collective phenomenon that any individual is only part of <<

I'm convinced that either of those could be the 'yes" sometimes, the former more often than the latter.

As for feeling sick, embrace that as proof that you're sane. Try not to let it rule you, though. There's much to feel queasy and uneasy about these days, but that's not where you want to live. Life still offers reasons for joy. Embrace a few of those too.

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Thanks for your thoughts – yes, I agree that a healthy sense of what you know and what you don't know should ideally inform the extent to which you trust your intuition.  While there is no surefire method for distinguishing between the intuition that should be followed and a "faux intuition" that is just ruanaway thoughts and mis-perceptions (could arise from both hope or fear), I'm hoping to develop a better sense of trust in my own  ability to distinguish between "faux" from real intuition – especially when it really counts.

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    You sound like me…

I'm a Gen Xer born in 1967 – so sounds like we may be in the same age cohort. I grew up in a turbulent unstable household. "Anything than can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time" as the saying goes. My default set of expectations is that things will crash and burn and I need to be prepared. As it turns out, my life has gone so much better than I ever dreamed. But I will never shake that feeling that it's all going to turn to crap at any moment. So I split the difference. I enjoy life fully and celebrate my good luck, but I do a lot of serious preps on the side. If things are rosy forever I just paid a modest "insurance premium" that gave me peace of mind that I never needed to tap. If things go pear shaped I've done everything I could to be ready for the crash.

  • Thu, Apr 20, 2017 - 10:56pm


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    “It’s” starting to come together

Catherine Austin Fitts recently stated that she was attempting to book Patrick Wood for an interview on her blog, The Solari Report. Patrick wrote “Technocracy Rising”.
I respect CAF, so I decided to listen to a few YouTube video interviews featuring Mr. Wood.

Like many of you, I have pieces of the (what the heck is going on, who is doing this, & what’s the real plan of the) “we want to control everything” puzzle.

Many pieces of this puzzle started coming together after listening to Patrick Wood’s interviews. This may be old news for some of you, but it filled in some blanks for me.

Be prepared before you go down this rabbit hole.

On the intuition thing, for a couple of months, I’ve had a very strong feeling that I need to go back to the Vipassana center; this time as a server.

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