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Introductions, and welcome to all

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  • Tue, Sep 04, 2012 - 02:48pm


    Amanda Witman

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    Introductions, and welcome to all

Please, everyone, post a little intro here so we can get an idea of what our group looks like.

Thanks for posting your intro, Juli.  I'm so sorry to hear about the untimely loss of your husband.  Did you stay on the land in WI?  I would like to hear more about how you coped with building resiliency.

I became a single mom a year and a half ago.  My ex-husband ended our marriage suddenly after 20 years together and left the state for a new relationship.  It was quite a shock.  I have four kids, currently aged 8, 10, 12, 14.  They live with me most of the time.

  I was amazed at the support I received; I had no idea that structure was in place in my life until I needed to call it into action.  The hardest thing for me was learning to reach out and let people know what I needed so they could respond with support if they were inclined.  And to remember that there is no shame in needing help, and that it all goes around and around, so times I've helped others in the past were now coming back to me.

Being a single parent to four kids, I worry about how to make sure their needs will be met.  I'm prepping for all of us, and on a tight budget, and not knowing what the future will bring (or what size shoes they'll be wearing next year…)  I am also learning to handle all of my home maintenance and provisioning by myself; it can be a big job.  I have had to ask for help with a number of things.

There is much more to say, but I will leave it there for now.  I am interested in hearing about who's here and what has brought you to your current situation.  And also, if you have a particular question for the group, please ask it. 

Please note that if you are starting a new topic, you need to click on "Discussion: Create" in the upper right-hand portion of the page, not just fill in the box that says "Write something…"  I'm still figuring this out myself, but I think that's necessary for your post to be sent out to all members.

Glad you're all with us here!

  • Fri, Mar 14, 2014 - 02:12am



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    Gone fishing …

Nice idea for a group. Guess a year ago I never would have investigated but got UN-hitched last summer and got the farm, 20 sheep, 50 chickens and a lot of unfinished plans.  It's a mountain to climb to finish the dreams, but like most in this group, I have found friends through church. 

My main support are other couples and a handful welcome me into their private life like a sister. These are farmer types of the same low energy goals but they are more the living on a shoe string hung on the poverty line type with less resources but lots of skills.

as things are right now, it's been a long cold winter here in southern MN farm and I'm looking at finally getting some long term plans played out including increasing the pasture chicken production and buying the needed wool rug making equipment to use all this wool coming off these dang sheep….year after year! 

I plan on making a couple Rocket Mass Heaters and I have several friends wanting to help and learn how to make them so man-power is set and heating with them should be a huge improvement over the system here now.

ill post in th Garden groups with all th things I have learned from the old farmers over the last year as the old guys knew how to farm before chemicals. But getting the garden expanded is a major goal I have to do myself now. As is getting off grid…mountains again!

 yu!just a word for you girls with kids- you are so much stronger than you ever imagined. My Prayers are with You!

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