interview with James Rickards; sept 2014

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    interview with James Rickards; sept 2014

Dear all,

I don’t know at all whether it is a good idea to post he following hint to a recent interview with James Rickards on the show “Money Morning” apparently from September 2014.

But an internet forum is for discussing controversial topics. So I post the hyperlink not knowing whether I render a good service to the readers of the peakprosperity forum doing so. I am not the one who just wants to spread his opinion. I am very interested in your judgment.

I’m living in Western Europe and I don’t know much about domestic American political debates. I cannot well assess the motives of protagonists / actors in The United States.

Having watched Steve Meyers’ interview with James Rickards I had the impression that Mr. Rickards should be established in the role of an Anti-Edward-Snowden showing that the US secret services are not operating against their own citizens but – on the contrary – are helping to protect their citizens’ wealth.

The slides of his presentation seem very professionally made, putatively not by Mr. Rickards himself in his rare spare time but by professional media designers.

In an book review of James Rickards’ book “The Death of Money” a writer referred to Rickards as a gatekeeper.

I suppose he thinks of someone being an insider in an institution and communicating or publishing selected internal informations at least with the approval of that institution or even in behalf of the institution he belongs to.

I suspect that Rickards` numerous interviews should push the public in a certain direction.

In May 2014 I copied some passages from book reviews. Unfortunately, today I could not retrieve two online reviews from April evaluating James Rickards’ book with three stars. Maybe that Amazon deletes older reviews.

All I can do is to quote from the text I had saved as a file on my computer:

“3.0 out of 5 stars SDR Indoctrination?, April 4, 2014

S. Ferguson (New Zealand)

… While I do recommend that you read James Rickards in online interviews, youtube, or his books, I have come to believe that his job is to indoctrinate the more financially 'keen' into the IMF's plan to implement their SDRs and complete control of global finance. three probabilities: the SDR will replace the USD as world money, the possibility of a gold standard, and the threat of social disorder. I think this threat of social disorder has been carefully inculcated into our consciousness by many bizarre events, which normal peaceful law-abiding citizens have wondered at. Are we being warned? Accept the global system or face the frightening consequences. …”

“Posted on Apr 26, 2014

Robert Gorden says:

Rickards is controlled opposition, aimed at driving the financially sophisticated and independent into the net that the elites want them to swim into.

And far from the Russians and Chinese trying to break the dollar down, (they have thrived very well with the dollar) the country working hardest to destroy the dollar it is the US. Geo politically by using the financial infrastructure, (sanctions) for Cold War purposes it is insuring that China and Russia are going to be forced to move out of the dollar.
The pay off is what Wall Street wants, a collapsed US dollar that will create a massive global economic crisis making the '30s look like fun, so that all political leaders of the world will be forced by their people to find a solution FAST. And guess what that is intended to be, a global currency controlled by Wall Street, the very same people who control the central banks today. Rickards is trying to prep people for this process”

At the end nobody knows.

Best regards.

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    Ishmael reviews go to 1995


Arthur2014 wrote: 

In May 2014 I copied some passages from book reviews. Unfortunately, today I could not retrieve two online reviews from April evaluating James Rickards’ book with three stars. Maybe that Amazon deletes older reviews.


Hey Arthur,

I don't know anything regarding Rickard's deep allegiances, although I have found it interesting that he is something of an insider by way of his work with simulations in the defense/military complex and at the same time writes about a topic – the decline of the dollar – outside of the orthodoxy.

I'm currently listening to an audio version of Ishmael, a novel I had seen but never opened before.  Many here have probably already read it, but if you haven't, you might find this reinterpretation of human history and culture from the point of view of a gorilla to be interesting.  I don't know where the author is going yet, because I'm not yet halfway through the book. 

The reviews of Ishmael on Amazon go all the way back to 1995, three years after the book was published and Amazon's first year of operation.  So, it seems that older reviews, of this book at least, were not deleted.



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    Rickards Interview

The Money Morning interview with Rickards is done in an infomercial mode that I really despise. However the content of Rickard's books and articles just might be worth sitting through the agony of the presentation and shelling out $35 or whatever it is. 

My take on Jim Rickards (For what it's worth), is that he is an honest man with a viewpoint that is unique and deserves respect. I'm sure, as a good Capitalist, he wants to make money and I can't really find fault with his use of this forum to reach a larger audience.


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Arthur2014 wrote: 

In May 2014 I copied some passages from book reviews. Unfortunately, today I could not retrieve two online reviews from April evaluating James Rickards’ book with three stars. Maybe that Amazon deletes older reviews.


Arthur, Amazon went through a well-publicized and debated round of review-purging a while back.

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    Rickards:substitution of SDRs for dollars ..ten-year transition

Dear HughK

Dear Brak,

thank you for your helpful feedback and comments!

Maybe I was just too incompetent to find the old online reviews on the web site.


In his book “The Death of Money, published in April 2014, James Rickards writes:

“The substitution of SDRs [Special Drawing Righ] for dollars as the global reserve currency is already under way, and the IMF [International Monetary Fun]) has laid out a ten-year transition plan that the United States has informally endorsed.”

(page 292)

For me all that was completely new. I was very astonished to read that, especially written by someone being introduced as adviser to the Department of Defense and the US intelligence community.

He is not a renegade or dissenter having turned his back to these institutions.

Therefore he seemed to me like a sort of a mouthpiece of these institutions.

But I had to learn that relevant documents are all the time publicly available / accessible:

“…, the IMF makes no secret of its ambitions to transform the SDR into a reserve currency that could replace the dollar. This was revealed in an IMF study released in January 2011, …”

(page 212)

In the footnotes (page 320) he cites the corresponding hyperlink:

“Enhancing International Monetary Stability – A Role for the SDR?”

Best regards

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    likely a bias in perception at work

I've read both of Rickard's books, and my impression of him is that he's an intelligent and reasonably honest man whose thinking and attitudes are partly influenced by his lengthy involvement in certain government circles. It doesn't have to be a binary choice between uncontrolled renegade vs. deliberate shill or controlled opposition. I've seen the same thing during my time as a defense contractor with certain fellow employees, how their long years in that system tends to turn into a sense of personal identification with that subculture which in turn influences the way how they see political or world events. I think the simplest explanation is that he is telling the truth as he sees it, and for him that perception is influenced by his time in those government and financial circles.

Some might say that makes his information and writings worthless or bad, but I'd very much disagree. I think his opinions and writing have a great deal of value, as long as you watch/read them with the understanding how his perceptions, views, and opinions are influenced by the circles he travels in. Not only is it pretty easy to identify the facts vs the opinions in his writing & interviews, but it gives one a possible look into how the decision-makers and advisors in the world of big finance think.

Finally, while I do see that bias to some degree in his writings, I still find his books less 'belief-based' than that of most other authors in this or other areas of nonfiction.

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