Intensive Couples Health Weekend

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  • Tue, Dec 03, 2019 - 10:07pm


    Adam Taggart

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    Intensive Couples Health Weekend

I’d value your opinion on the concept below…

Based on feedback from the Peak Prosperity audience via the site and at our live events, we’re hearing a loud interest for more actionable guidance on improving health — both physically and mentally.

While, yes, it’s valuable to hear from experts about good strategies to pursue, folks are hungry to receive actual personalized guidance as well be instructed on exactly *how* to execute on it.

Listening to what folks seem to truly be asking for, we’ve come up with the following concept.

Note: it’s not cheap. It won’t be for all (probably most) pocketbooks. This is primarily due to the costs of the 1-on-1 services involved.

Couples’ Well-Being Accelerator Weekend

An immersive, yet pleasantly-paced, weekend where a team of health experts evaluates you & your partner to then devise a personalized plan for each of you to achieve substantially better health in the following year.

Specifically, both you and your partner will have dedicated sessions with:

  • A personal trainer who will conduct a diagnostic review of your current state of physical fitness. Functional concerns and underdeveloped muscle groups will be identified and a personalized program of exercises to correct/strengthen them will be created for you, along with instruction on how to perform them.
  • A nutritionist who will evaluate your current diet. Listening to what foods you like, a personalized shopping and recipe plan will be created enabling you to eat better while enjoying your meals.
  • A neuromuscular mobility specialist who will assess your current flexibility and alignment, pinpointing any danger areas at risk of worsening with age/use. A custom program of corrective and rejuvenating exercises you can do daily will be developed for you.
  • A licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) who will conduct several therapy sessions with you and your partner over the weekend, to enable breakthrough progress on the biggest issues currently limiting your happiness in your relationship.

Amidst these sessions, you’ll be enjoying the natural wonders and amenities at and around one of northern California’s nicer coastal hotels, the Bodega Bay Lodge:

Dining at local farm- and ocean-to-table restaurants like Terrapin Creek:

Relaxing by the fire pits at night:

Or spotting migrating whales on the cliff walk at Bodega Head:

The cost of this program will reflect the 2-day 1-on-1 professional attention involved and the quality of the experience created for you and your partner.

While we don’t know the exact figure yet, the key is that we will initially be pricing this at cost — meaning Peak Prosperity will not be adding on any fees above what the experts and the hotel themselves charge.

We currently calculate that the price will be somewhere around $3,000 per couple (this includes lodging as well as all of the programming).


What’s your level of interest in this program as described?

Are there any elements you’d like to see added/removed to this concept?

Please let us know your thoughts and feedback by taking the 60-second survey below.

If there’s sufficient interest to proceed, we’ll do our best to pilot this program in early 2020.


Create your own user feedback survey

  • Wed, Dec 04, 2019 - 05:32am



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    3000 dollars


Perhaps rather then beginning your survey with “Would you rather have your chakras aligned or you ego massaged?” you might have started with “Would you rather have 10,000 rounds of ammunition, 4,000 pounds of food stores, 200 ounces of silver, or a spa weekend?”.

Perhaps you could add a bus tour of homeless camps where participants can sneer at the degenerates from air conditioned comfort between sanitized photo ops of the Beautiful People passing out bottled water and deoderant.

Bill it as a “Let them eat cake” weekend.

Beware the the Fishwives.

John G

  • Wed, Dec 04, 2019 - 06:00am



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What are “mis-aligned” muscle groups?

What is a “neuromuscular mobility specialist”?

To be honest, these two terms activate my “hokiness” alarms.

I get the reaction to the ticker price, jgritter.

As mentioned, this is not going to be for most pocketbooks. And I absolutely understand (and support!) those who would prefer to use that kind of money to build resilience in other forms of capital.

The challenge here is the cost of personalized attention from knowledgeable health experts. The double-digit 1-on-1 dedicated hours with quality professionals simply add up and far outweigh the cost of the venue.

Yes, we can find a cheaper hotel to do this at. It will knock a few hundred dollars of the total price. But from what we’re hearing so far, if folks are going to pay the cost for the professional hours involved, they want to stay somewhere nice.

If we can find a way to offer the type of experience folks want for materially less money, we’ll do it (remember, we’re pricing this at cost right now — PP isn’t making money in this model). But the concept as currently described is the best balance we’ve been able to find so far between price and the personalized experience folks are asking for.

ao —

You work in medicine and I’m sure are more aware than most of how many Americans’ bodies have alignment issues. Whether due to injury or our modern sedentary lifestyle, muscles often get underused and thus weaken (especially in the back), leading to posture mis-alignment (my term, not necessarily a medical one) and/or joint stress that often worsens with age/use.

At our last annual seminar, we had a mobility specialist present on the most prevalent issues he sees in patients. His work is rooted in kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pain science.

Most of the audience recognized at least some of those warning signs in their own bodies. For instance, I spend way too many hours in a hunched position over my laptop, which pushes my head forward, dramatically increasing the downward force on my neck and creating an overuse/underuse imbalance with my upper and mid-back muscles.

The presentation was extremely well-received. I’ve been meaning to post a video from it on the site for a while now, and your comment is a reminder that I should do that soon. I’ll try to get it posted it this week or early next.

  • Wed, Dec 04, 2019 - 07:34am



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    Reply To: Intensive Couples Health Weekend

Well one child’s spouse just got laid off.  Another has no medical insurance because the premiums are so high and a niece is unemployed.  Brother-in-law fears he may be laid off and his wife is trying to build up a craft business since being laid off.  Such is life in – almost middle class America.

But an educational vacation thats a tax write off for you to boot.  Brilliant, I hope you get enough participation to make it happen.  Sounds great.





  • Wed, Dec 04, 2019 - 08:53am


    Quercus bicolor

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If it’s well enough received, Adam, especially by those of us in the east, an event on our side of the country would knock something like $800 or more off the price depending on airfare and parking/ground transportation costs.

  • Wed, Dec 04, 2019 - 08:58am   (Reply to #3)



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    re: re: huh?

What you say is generally true Adam.  But the term “mis-aligned muscles” would trigger any knowledgeable professional’s alarm bells.  Joints may be misaligned, bones and bony segments (particular vertebral segments) may be misaligned, body segments may be misaligned, and posture may be misaligned but the term is scientifically and clinically inappropriate when applied to muscles.  Muscles are, instead, usually described in terms of being inhibited or facilitated, weak or strong, long or short, etc.  In other words, they are described in terms of their active and/or passive shortening or lengthening abilities as well as such things as their rheological properties.

With regards to a “neuromuscular mobility specialist”, what are the person’s qualifications?  There are many self-styled “experts” in the field who can do good work … most of the time.  But it’s the 10% or 5% or 1% of the time when their lack of a comprehensive professional education and credentialing shows through that can mislead people or potentially get them in trouble.  I see tons of these types of individuals promoting themselves on YouTube, for example.  The Bay Area, in particular, abounds in these types of folks but the phenomena of what I call “the non-professional professional” has spread to all corners of the globe.  Many of them, also, are, in one way or another, violating state or federal laws, often unknowingly but sometimes knowingly.  I’ve had to “clean up” their mistakes from time to time so forgive me if I’m a bit suspicious.  I’d be interested in knowing who the person is, their academic background, degree(s), license(s), certification(s), specialty training(s), experience level, etc.

And as an aside, the most important type of health to attend to, the type that takes primacy over all others, is spiritual health.  The greatest healers have always recognized this fact.  I like the way Edgar Cayce phrased it: “Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result”.  My only addition to that is that not only is “Mind the Builder” but Mind can also be the Destroyer.  Many people are their own worst enemies by virtue of their thoughts and beliefs.


  • Wed, Dec 04, 2019 - 06:15pm



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    Great idea

I hope this concept is successful and you can expand on it in the future.  Other venues and price points (and maybe individual and couples tracks) would be great someday, but you have to start somewhere. Good luck!

  • Thu, Dec 05, 2019 - 08:32pm



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    You requested feedback….here it is

This proposed weekend retreat seems totally out of character with PP. It prompted me to question my understanding of PP. Do I really relate to this group? And so I spent about an hour this morning searching for blogs and websites dedicated to prosperity and sustainable living.  (Honest disclosure) I couldn’t find anything as good as PP. But I sure was motivated to look.

I don’t buy into the climate change drama, nor do I think that the world is ending in 12 years. But in no way could I justify flying or driving to a weekend like this….my use of fuel and resources needs a better purpose.

$3000.00 plus travel plus food and extras. Insane!

I hope you rework this concept and tailor it to your core group who are people with some occasional dirt under their fingernails. Manicures and messages and gourmet dinners are all nice,  but not part of the austere world you tell us we are about to enter. I agree that we need to prepare and become more resilient. Therefore what might be needed are more humble weekend retreat concepts for local groups.



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