Institutional Corruption And What It Portends

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  • Mon, May 25, 2020 - 06:49am

    Daddy-O McDadstein

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    Institutional Corruption And What It Portends

Articles keep coming out about how hydroxychloroquine is dangerous, not proven to be effective against Covid-19, is touted by Trump (as evidence of its inefficacy). Neil Cavuto is quoted as saying it will kill you–all this despite seventy years of records that prove no particular risk. If I were less jaded, I’d say that the journalists were simply putting politics above the truth and public interest–not that that’s ok, but it’s what they do, and everyone knows it.

I’m not so concerned about hydroxychloroquine, per se–I have a regimen that I think will keep me well–but the magnitude of suffering and death that may be directly attributable to journalistic chicanery–in lockstep with the chicanery of governmental, medical, and academic agencies that provide statistical lies as fodder for them–amounts to crimes against humanity. Crimes no less egregious than the filling of mass graves at the hands of fascist or communist tyrannies. I risk being cited for hyperbole here, and it may be a reach, but historians, rather than journalists, will sort through it over time.

So, in addition to politicians’ lies–which we all expect–lying and distortion have become journalistic norms. For whatthehellever reason they do it, they do it as a matter of course.

There is a seriously, hugely, majorly, big problem with that. Lives are at stake here–many lives–and news outlets are busily driving public opinion according to some other criteria that we may know little or nothing about.

When it becomes a foolish thing to believe what we read in established news sources, what have we become? The USSR had Tass, I think it was called. I think that is Russian for “truth”–the exact opposite of what it printed. Our own news agencies have developed a similar credibility deficit.

It is reasonable to doubt, to fear for, the very survival of a society whose Fourth Estate functions as facilitators for greedy and criminally-inclined government and/or shadow government actors.

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    Institutional Corruption And What It Portends

The news media destroyed any credibility they once had when they stopped reporting facts and instead work to sway public opinion.  It is sickening. I fear for the future of my nation.

  • Mon, May 25, 2020 - 12:09pm


    Jim H

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    Daddy-O and Mysterymet

That you two are posting here and so awake is really the best news for me… I think the ranks of us that see this and feel this way are growing.  We don’t need the majority of the population to see what you both see… just a small, vocal slice.  I fear for the future of the US as well but I will fight to the death, for the good of my children, to reclaim a free country, with rule of law, unencumbered by a corrupt deep state and a captured mass media.

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