Infectivity of Coronoavirus after Symptoms Resolve

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  • Sun, Jul 12, 2020 - 06:54am



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    Infectivity of Coronoavirus after Symptoms Resolve

I am a healthcare worker seeing a lot of changes over the past few months on restrictions and guidance for employees coming back to work after being diagnosed with COVID-19. At first, there was a requirement that each positive person needed to have 2 negative tests prior to returning to work. However, that has changed. I am not sure if it is due to staffing needs or discovering new research findings. As of now, negative tests are not required as long as the person is 3 days out from symptom resolution (how that works for asymptomatic people doesn’t make sense to me). Also, employers are being told that they cannot require negative tests of employees coming back to work. I am seeing people return to work now who were only diagnosed 6 or 7 days prior to their return. Some of them appear well, others seem to still have exhaustion or weakness. Some of them have had positive tests after symptom resolution and are still not held back from coming back to work.

I understand that positive tests may be registering due to leftover dead viral strains, however, is that certain? Are they no longer contagious, at all, even while still shedding virus?

My question is are people no longer contagious after their symptoms end? Is there coronavirus research confirming this or is it based on previous research regarding flu or SARS?

The last link I included is an article regarding a woman who tested positive for months after symptom resolution.

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    Mohammed Mast

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    Infectivity of Coronoavirus after Symptoms Resolve

I don’t think all the answers are in on this. Policy is now about getting everyone back to work and returning to what passes for normal.

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