India: We May Have A Breakthrough

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  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 08:19am



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    India: We May Have A Breakthrough

Three articles posted by COVID19Crusher, from India’s media:

… you will find that both fluvoxamine and ivermectin rapidly rise to the top of the list in terms of effectiveness and safety. Both drugs should be given as early as possible (ideally before symptoms or as soon as possible after first symptoms) and at a sufficiently high enough dose and duration to be effective for the virus variants prevalent in India, which in this case would be 50 mg twice a day for fluvoxamine for 14 days and .4mg/kg per day for 7 days for ivermectin.

[EDIT: this page was subsequently removed!!!  Pharma is still On The Job, it seems]

New Delhi: Regular use of the oral antiparasitic drug ivermectin may significantly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, according to a review of available data by researchers who claim the medicine can help end the pandemic.

[Dr. Kory’s paper!!]

Panaji: As Goa continues to record a surge in coronavirus cases, the state government on Monday gave a go-ahead to a new COVID-19 treatment protocol in accordance with which all residents above the age of 18 are recommended to take five tablets of the Ivermectin drug.

The issue here isn’t the science – it is the amplification of the FLCCC message by the media in India.  That is a sign that in India, the power structure has bought into actual science, in sharp contrast to the pseudo-religious follow-the-“Science!” approach imposed upon the West by the Oligarchy.

The Beginning of the End.  From the outside, in: the poor-but-smart countries continue to blaze the trail for us to follow.

One last bit of evidence, hinting at the impending defeat of Systemically Sociopathic Pharma by actual science:


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    India: We May Have A Breakthrough

But will the medicines stop the pandemic from advancing?


Creating new versions of itself?


It will allow the bio-weapon that covid19 is,to do just what  it was designed to do.

Weaken the country,through division,and stick around a LONG,time.

  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 09:11am

    Chris Martenson

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    No More Fact-Free Assertions Allowed

Intheor – some people add to the conversation, and some subtract.

You are a net negative for a variety of reasons, the largest being you don’t respond to people’s legitimate requests for you to provide the factual basis for your assertions.

Definition time:

Assertion: a claim simply stated without any accompanying data to evaluate.

Assessment: An opinion formed on facts which are easily identified and usually accompany the assessment.

Your assertions are tedious because of their repetitious nature and the complete lack of any accompanying data despite being asked repeatedly to provide such.  It’s really not that hard to do, and it’s a legitimate request for you to try and conform to this culture and it’s norms.

Kind of like being asked at my gun club to not muzzle people with your firearm.  A very reasonable request that if violated more than once results in immediate and quite justified expulsion.

So this is your last chance.

But will the medicines stop the pandemic from advancing? GOOD QUESTION.  THERE’s ACTUAL DATA OUT THERE ON THIS SUBJECT.  BRING IT.

Mutating? DITTO.

Creating new versions of itself? DITTO.


It will allow the bio-weapon that covid19 is ASSERTION ,to do just what  it was designed to do. ASSERTION

Weaken the country,through division,and stick around a LONG,time. ASSERTIONASSERTIONASSERTION

You can either provide the data and back up your assertions here or you will be blocked as being a net drain on this site.

Have a good day.


  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 09:28am   (Reply to #3)

    Chuck in Belize

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    India: We May Have A Breakthrough

Well done.

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    Reply To: India: We May Have A Breakthrough

Intheor:  But will the medicines stop the pandemic from advancing?

In addition to what Chris wrote…

I am presuming the meta analysis data from the FLCCC, the WHO’s consultant Dr. Hill,  the Bird Group in the UK, are reasonably correct

The medicines…

save lives.

help people to recover faster so they have fewer opportunities to contribute to spread.

reduce the number of people requiring specialized medical services so those services can go to those who really need them.

are quite effective when used for prevention–pre/post exposure prophylaxis.

reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on society–suicides, domestic violence, loss of freedoms, damage to the economy, reduction in effectiveness of the education system, etc.

It is well known that reinfection is rare, especially severe cases.   We’ll be moving towards natural herd immunity.

Will vaccines based on a specific variant’s spike protein move us towards herd immunity or perpetuate the need for new booster shots to account for various spike proteins in the new variants?  The latter sounds great for Pharma’s bottom line, especially when they are not liable for side effects.

Others have discussed different types of vaccines that could be part of the long term solution.

For example virologist Geert Vanden Bossche–former prof, worked for vax industry, GAVI, etc.–thinks mass vaccination with [current] vaccines that prevents disease but not infection will force the virus to select mutations that enhance infectiousness.  It turns people into “asymptomatic spreaders.”  @28 min.

He says we need a vaccine that allows NK cells to play critical role. Need natural antibodies to drive virus in the pathway to NK cells. NK cells can have memory. @30 min.

He suggests that this type of vaccine would not be as leaky as the current vaccines seem to be.

SARS-CoV-2, Vaccination & 
Early Ambulatory Treatment: Complete Program

He refers to this paper from Penn State

G. Vanden Bossche is a good example of someone who is critical of the current vaccination program but is certainly not an “anti-vaxer.”

  • Mon, May 10, 2021 - 10:32pm


    Arthur Robey

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    India: We May Have A Breakthrough

I stumbled upon this tabulated presentation of various Covid medicines and their relative effectiveness.

The best drug seems to be still on patent and therefore may not offer the best bang for the buck. (A big deal for people earning $2 per day.)

  • Tue, May 11, 2021 - 05:23am



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You can put things together in combination and they work synergistically.

Zinc, vitamin C, and ivermectin all have a positive effect.  Together?  Most likely, they do better than any one of them alone.  Add in vitamin D, and melatonin – those help a great deal too.  Moderate exercise is hugely helpful.  So is reducing obesity.  Exercise & obesity reduction (by 5 BMI points) are at least 50% reductions (each) in risk.

For most of us, there are a ton of things we can do to reduce risk all on our own.  For some – disabled, very elderly, and so on – they are more stuck.  The stuck people are the ones we should offer the experimental shot to.  We should tell the rest to get out, walkies for 30 minutes a day, and encourage them to take the above vitamins.

That’s my recipe for minimizing deaths during this pandemic.

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    India: We May Have A Breakthrough

Still not on that list is nebulized hydrogen peroxide, which is affordable even for those earning $2/day.   If you google the term there is lots of good information that makes a ton of sense.

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    Looks like the Sherriff is back in town

Chris said “No More Fact-Free Assertions Allowed”  KA-BAM!!!!….reload….KA-BAM!!!!…reload….

Thank God…as the senseless banter and dribble over the past few months has been depressing.  I’ve typically been speed scrolling through the post searching out the avatars of my favorite members who post useful information.

Hopefully Troll season opens up soon and they start getting culled.

Chris, sir, would be great if you first vid back is you laying down the law on going forward.

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    India: We May Have A Breakthrough

Funny how in other forums it’s the opposite — anyone who posts scientific references to back their claims that go against official narrative gets banned pretty fast.

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