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  • Sat, Jan 13, 2018 - 07:45pm



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Whew……….While having breakfast with my ham radio buddy an hour and a half ago, the County of Kauai issued, via Connect 5 on my cell phone, an emergency alert message to the tune of "Incoming ballistic missile threat.  Stay indoors, this is not a drill".  This was not accompanied by a siren, but I high-tailed it back north to home, 16 miles away.  Took approximately 25 minutes or so- just as I walked in my front door- for the County to announce that it was a false alert and they're investigating….I hugged my sweetheart very tightly…..As soon as the adrenaline wears off,  I'm reviewing my preparedness plans.  Peace, Aloha, Steve.

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    Missile Scare

Steve, that was definitely a heart racer I bet.

Trolling through a Reddit thread I came across these typical responses:




(Source – Reddit)

The general themes were that people were legitimately and correctly freaked out, and also unprepared.

Mentally and physically.

I would have probably gone into “high activity mode” which is just one level shy of useless anxiety-driven random actions.  Just being honest here.  🙂

Luckily I have thought all this through, and purchased my nuclear readiness materials a few years back.
Here are a few of the most relevant links:


My personal preparations for nuclear war


Fukushima’s Legacy: Understanding the Difference Between Nuclear Radiation & Contamination


The Contamination Threat


Good luck with your renewed preparations Steve!

  • Sat, Jan 13, 2018 - 11:20pm



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    Re: Scare

So what scandal was swept under the rug and/or unconstitutional law was passed while everyone was occupied by this?

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    This false alarm will wake some people up

As a result of this, some people will be awakened from slumber and start making some realistic preparations. Some may even start reading!  Unfortunately, most people will roll over and go back to sleep.  Just human nature.  I suppose a Darwinist would say that those who don’t take reasonable precautions are marked by Nature for extinction.  We see the exact same dynamic in regard to the coming economic and environmental disasters. I wonder how The Collapse will effect our DNA…
Steve, think about your plans for this kind of thing when you’re away from home.  I believe the flight time for an ICBM from North Korea to Hawaii will be less than 20 minutes, and any warning you MIGHT get will be significantly less than that UNDER THE BEST OF CONDITIONS. You would’ve been caught out in the open for the “event” and would’ve been killed in a scenario in which survival was quite possible for those who were sheltered at the moment of detonation.  “Military intelligence” and politicians being what they are I believe it would be highly likely that you would get NO WARNING.  That would make sense: send a warning when there is no threat, and dither around and not send any warning when the threat is real.  Seems to me like something like that happened in Hawaii before…  If this were a sane and rational world, it would seem to me that Hawaiians would have it in their genetics to be prepared for surprise attacks and skeptical about getting any help from the military or politicians in that regard.  You may have gotten all the warnings you’re going to get.  Same for the rest of us
  • Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 02:40am



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    You never forget the first time…

…your parents load you into the storm drain because they fear an incoming missile.

Source =


  • Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 05:00am



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    Kids in storm drain to avoid nuclear blast

I am assuming that the act of putting the kid in the storm drain stemmed from great fear and great love for this child.  Very sad to imagine the family’s fear and distress that would make this seem reasonable.  🙁

Will the child emerge after the blast to have food and water and living family?

I wonder what the hell happened with this launch alert. 

Stupid stupid stupid mistake?  Hold my beer and watch me do something really crazy?  Hack of the broadcast system by someone who wanted to let someone know that they could?  A real blip on a screen that someone (or some machine) briefly thought might actually be a launch?


  • Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 05:11am



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    Incoming: Classic Black Swan

Have we all just been shown what a real Black Swan looks like?

  • Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 12:23pm



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Aloha! On the Big Island! No sirens and no text! I looked up in the sky looking for the nukes going by on the way to LA and Washington DC and NYC! As if any “real” evil mastermind would launch one at a time!

This was a wake up call for more than just Hawaii. It showed the complete lack or desire of government to carry out their one and only main responsibility which is to protect the US citizens! Job #1! This demonstrated the difference between the 1960s Cuban crisis mentality and the current mentality of “re-election first – citizens second”! In the 1960s we had school drills and field trips to official Civil Defense buildings complete with what to do and where to go in the building. Now nobody knows what a CD sign looks like!

While we had Dr Strangelove repopulation debates of 26 Playboy models to every Army general! We also had a government that encouraged self preservation and many of us built bomb shelters in back yards. Now there is no government encouragement to protect yourself and your family. But Ige, governor, was found at the Diamond Head bunker. Government now only protects its own whether there is a nuke alert or not!

Maybe immigration will take a back seat to the needs and the protection of US citizens first! But I doubt the deep state media will allow for that! The re-education centers called public schools have stripped us any basic survival skills. Not because that wasn’t planned … it was! This is a dangerous game the deep state is playing, but when any entity assumes the high moral pedestal human nature historically always dictates a fall is imminent!

JFK did not pass the buck on the Cuban Missile Crisis to LBJ. He ended it on his watch. Maybe because he was fresh off PT 109! The Clinton, Bush and Obama Dynasty could have learned a lesson from JFK!

Here in Hawaii I await the liberal democrat government to announce their new “get tuff” policy on any future nuclear threats by declaring the entire state a NUCLEAR FREE ZONE! The long slow descent into insatiable apathy and cognitive ruin continues! Carry on bravely!

  • Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 04:10pm



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    Time for a Raise

and a promotion to shift commander, perhaps.

Ige and the head of Hawaii’s Emergency Management agency, Vern Miyagi, said the false alert was the result of human error — and boiled down to a state emergency management employee clicking the wrong message during a routine drill that happens three times a day during shift changes.

“We did make the determination that it was a false alarm. The alarm was sent out in error, and we know that the procedure in a shift change had been followed, and a human error sent out the false alarm,” Ige told Hawaii News Now.

“We then went through our process to correct that and send out a notification that the alert was in error.”

Hopefully, the “process” for correction (as in taking several minutes) didn’t require someone to read through an online version of the “procedure manual” to determine what to do in case of “human error” or something like stealth seagulls showing up on radar.

I suppose it could also have been something akin to “Pepsi Syndrome” (you’ll have to look that one up).

  • Sun, Jan 14, 2018 - 08:14pm



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    The day after…..

Well, comments on inept govt response not withstanding, I’m taking this incident as an example of what can, and will, happen with complex systems- Shit happens.  Apparently this warning system is tested at every shift change- 3 times a day, 24/7/365.  When pestered by reporters to “tell us who screwed up”, at least Vern Miyagi looked them square in the eye and said “I’m responsible for this”.  Guy’s got stones.  Getting your knickers in a wad because the government has thrown you a curve ball- REALLY??  Come on folks, we all agree we have to take care of our own business and safety.  I’m using this event to bolster my preps and procedures.  

My personal take away:

Ballistic Missile False Alarm after-action report January 13, 2018

Situation:  0810 hrs.  Having breakfast at restaurant with friend.  One block from workplace.  16 miles from home and family.  Received “official” notification on cell phone: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII.  SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER.  THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”.  Siren warnings from local sirens not heard.  Spent about 3 minutes discussing with friend, and listening to local comments on ham radio VHF repeaters.  Decided to head back home to be with family.  Traffic not too heavy, but could tell that some folks were in a hurry and others were traveling at normal speeds.  Speeds up to 70 mph except when encountering other traffic, then down to 50 or so.  Not safe to pass, 2-lane highway…Got home in about 15 minutes, just as local radio station announced the false alarm.  Partner, who doesn’t use cell phone, was unaware of any alert- nothing had come over the landline.  Neighborhood calm.  HIEMA reports human error caused false alarm.


          “Official” alert, yet no sirens, which would be expected.  Respond, or ignore?

          An actual attack warning would probably allow maximum of 15-20 minutes to prepare.  Attempting to travel home would have possibly exposed me to blast danger.

          Don’t have a designated or secure place in town to shelter, that is hardened for nuclear blast effects, or survival equipped.  Cinder block convenience store across street would have probably been best shelter.

          I spend more of my waking hours in town, yet almost all of my preps are at home.  Need to expand prep availability. 

        Things at a “public” level were already iffy as the only highway between the business/commercial center and the population center of the island had been closed since ~0600 due to major car accident. 

Live and learn folks.  Low-probability/High Impact event.  Prep accordingly.  Wish I could have finished that avocado omelet though….;^)   Aloha, Steve.

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