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If You Buy Coins, You Should See These Photos From A Counterfeit Coins Factory

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  • Tue, Sep 16, 2014 - 03:24am



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    If You Buy Coins, You Should See These Photos From A Counterfeit Coins Factory

As if you didn't already have to watch for trillions of dollars or yen or pounds printed from thin air or created at the touch of a button by a Federal Reserve or Bank of Japan, Bank of England… Or just plain fractional reserve lending bringing money to life…

Here are eye-opening, jaw-dropping photos from a factory where hard work and artistry is employed to produce very convincing fakes…

Photos From A Coin Counterfeiting Factory



  • Tue, Sep 16, 2014 - 02:16pm


    Chris Martenson

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    This is a main reason why I do not buy numismatic coins

I saw pictures like this years ago, and decided there's just no way to be sure about the authenticity of numismatic coins.

Similarly,  the reason I do not think diamonds are worthy investments is because there are dozens of labs cranking out grown diamonds of every possible color and size for a fraction of the cost that diamonds currently sell for.

At current prices, there's absolutely no shortage of diamonds and the supply can be enlarged for as long as there are sources of carbon that can be tapped.  🙂

Can you imagine what would happen if someone figured out how to grow gold in a lab?  I mean, heck, gold cannot catch a bid (in the US ""markets"") these days and it's a strictly limited substance.  Yet somehow (*cough*Debeers*cough*cough*) the price of diamonds has not really budged since the lab diamonds came along.

But that's temporary is my view and diamonds will someday correct to their cost of production plus a competitive profit, and even if you hold a different view, you'd have to admit there's a potential supply problem there…


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