I guess from this that death is not a long term side effect

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    From Canada

After three weeks of declining adverse effect numbers this week sees cases rise again with 156 serious reactions and an additional 5 deaths.

Also of note are the increasing amount of side effects reported in 12 to 17 year olds.


I computed the average number vaccinated as (number at beginning + 2* number at midpoint + number at end) / 4.  I came up with a 22% average vaccination rate.

My death computation of (number of vacccinated deaths / average number of vaccinated individuals)  and likewise for unvaccinated should work too.

In comment 23, I claim to and actually compute the case fatality rate.  You are computing something different.

My rough computation done your way, assuming my vaccinated = 22% of total vaccinated and unvaccinated population). gives cases as 45,540 vaccinated and 18577 unvaccinated (40% of the unvaccinated rate – agrees with my original calculation).  It gives 44 deaths unvaccinated and 118 vaccinated (2.7 times the unvaccinated rate – agrees with my original computation).  Note that I excluded partially vaccinated as their deaths and cases are not included in the computation.

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    Jim H

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    Excellent analysis QB and team PP.com…

Thank you for digging into the UK data more deeply.  The implications are indeed interesting in terms of vaccine efficacy in the face of variants..  If things were really so peachy in the case of vaccination, you wouldn’t see the troubling trend (below from Worldometer) of cases going up again.  From what I read 60% of UK adults are fully vaccinated (80% one dose).. and you really have to stack some natural immunity (from Covid-recovered) as well a prophylaxis practice on top of that.  Assuming that the vaccines really work, the UK should be at or near herd immunity, yet that is not what we see;

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    Quercus bicolor

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    Increase in adverse events and deaths for 12-17 year olds

This is to be expected as June 10 was the earliest possible 2nd dose date for the 12-15 age group.

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    Reply To: I guess from this that death is not a long term side effect

I could be persuaded to believe Doug is just a character being played if it werent for the fact that I do run into people with the exact same syndrome. They can appear completely lucid and logical and then say the most ridiculous things with a completely straight face. You can look them straight in the eye with a smirk to see if the irony is really lost on them…and they’ll look back with a completely blank expression.

Its a sort of reverse logic. Like the point he just made about life coming with risks and therefore the deaths and injury from taking the vaccine are just somethings we should all live with. You would have to think ‘doesnt the irony occur to him?’

I honestly dont think it does. I’ve seen that syndrome before, it is both fascinating and horrifying.

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    Reply To: I guess from this that death is not a long term side effect


I added this data back in with the notes at the bottom. It looks like theres a lot of overlapping categories for the vaccinated group so the only information we really care about are the unvaccinated versus the total which tells us the information for the vaccinated through total minus unvaxed. So QB has the right idea, but I’ll verify his numbers shortly.

Jim H,


This was another really good find. I read deeper and found some other interesting tidbits in there.

This reinfection from the Alpha and Delta variants shows that lasting immunity is looking more like a fantasy, at least with these recent variants. My guess is that with the mRNA targetting the spike proteins, these have found a different method of invasion that the body hasn’t seen yet so it doesn’t know to fight it off.

This chart shows just how MUCH the spike protein has mutated though:

With the ribosomes unzipping a strand of DNA to make an mRNA sequence, this many mutations makes it look like an entirely new virus. The fact that it emerged from India as soon as they started widespread vaccination means the virus mutates insanely fast. Since the spike protein itself is what is mutating, then the virus does not match the profile the vaccine is coding for.

This means every time the vaccine booster is used, the virus will mutate at an alarming rate. The vaccine adverse events are still happening, and creating pre-existing conditions of myocarditis and the like identified ONLY in patients who actually went to the hospital. That means in about two weeks when the world starts opening back up, the cases will spike again and the death rate will be even higher, particularly amongst the vaccinated who have been lured into a false sense of security and are going maskless in the workplace and public again.

I’ll follow up with my calculations ghough (I know, waiting with bated breath). I’ll grab some data for the current vaccination rates too to exprapolate the coming body counts from. Standby.

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    from Alex B – COVID vaxes vs All Others, Ever


@cdcgov is busy with Juneteenth, so I figured we could take our own look at #Covid vaccine myo/pericarditis cases! Let’s start by comparing cases reported, well, EVER, for ALL OTHER VACCINES in the 6-17 and 18-29 age range to #Covid shots. All non-Covid: 394. Covid: 590…

2/ The ratio is far worse than those topline numbers appear. Remember, this data includes 30 years of flu shots. A conservative estimate would be 1 billion non-Covid doses given, maybe 2 billion. In contrast, under 30 million people 29 and under have had at least one Covid dose…

3/ But @cdcgov says the cases are MILD, right? And CDC never lies. How about life-threatening cases? VAERS has a TOTAL of 42 life-threatening myo/pericarditis case reports for non-Covid shots. 1.4 a year. What about Covid shots? 98 life-threatening reports. 98. In six months.

TL: DR – in six months, @cdcgov has ALREADY received nearly 100 reports of “life-threatening” heart inflammation post-#Covid shots in people under 30.

That’s more than DOUBLE the number of similarly serious heart inflammation reports the CDC received for ALL other vaccines EVER.


The Oligarchy has done a fantastic job of leveraging the magnificent history of vaccination (smallpox, tetanus, etc) to give their new experimental medical procedure a veneer of reliability and safety.

“Its just like the smallpox shot!”  Except, of course, it isn’t.  Just because it is a liquid that is injected into your arm, it doesn’t make it safe and effective like the smallpox shot.

We know this because – data.  From VAERS.

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    Reply To: I guess from this that death is not a long term side effect

The numbers I got:

Total delta cases (60624): 59% unvaxed 41% vaxed

A+E ( 1555): 67% unvaxed 33% vaxed

Overnight (488): 66% unvaxed 34% vaxed

Deaths (73): 47% unvaxed 53% vaxed

UK population estimate: 66.65 million

Percentage vaccinated: 46%


I think just on the face of it these numbers say a lot. Breakout cases are climbing.

The other thing it points to (not statistically significant yet) is that rather than getting ill for some time, vaccinated people are just dying (cytokine storm?).

Of the 25103 vaccinated people to get the delta variant, 39 died (39/25103=) .15% died, of the unvaccinated (34/35521=) .096% died. Neither is yet statistically significant yet but the overnights might be a better gauge: unvaxed: 324/35521=.009 or .9%; vaxed: 164/25103=.0065 or .65%

My back of the envelope calculation puts the vaxed at about a third less likely to lead to overnight stays. It could be that since they are no longer testing the vaccinated as vigorously, they are being lumped into other categories. It would be interesting to see how the death rate has changed overall.


I was looking at michigan (one of the few states that keeps relatively up to date death rates month to month) which also has a 45% vaccination rate. Even with vaccination the deaths are still about 2000 more than pre covid deaths though the official covid deaths for april are 1528, and the total deaths are 9780. This is still under lockdown so traffic deaths and the like are way down too. The april 2019 deaths (baseline) are 7986. So there are about 250 deaths unattributed to covid above and beyond the baseline. So it looks like deaths throughout the pandemic were (at least in April) underreported by 1/6 if not double that.


Edit: forgot to add the total potential death toll of the delta variant.

UK population: 66.65 million

UK population vaccinated: 30.7 million or 46%

If delta varian kills .15% of all vaccinated who are exposed, we should see 46050 excess deaths as a result.

Conversely we’ll see (of 35.97 million) 34531 unvaccinated die. So no benefits from the vaccine so far.

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    Love and Respect…

….to all my PP homies that are digging up the data and doing the analysis.  I’m not mathematically inclined but y’all keep serving up bottom-line stuff that’s understandable — and believe you me, I am passing it along to everybody I know who will even give the ideas a half a chance.  I’m changing a very few minds here and there, but more importantly helping to steel the resolve of people who might otherwise waver on getting vaxxed.

So — sincerely and with gratitude — my thanks!

VIVA — Sager

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    Reply To: I guess from this that death is not a long term side effect

Read a report that 4 BA pilots succumbed to the covid shots suddenly; and BA is considering not allowing vaccinated pilots to fly; a problem because 85% are vaxxed! As well 2 airlines are advising vaxxed people not to fly long haul due to increased blood clotting risk! (so much for the promised return to sunny travel times)


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