I Guarantee You That This Did Not Happen

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  • Mon, Sep 27, 2021 - 09:09pm

    Mike from Jersey

    Mike from Jersey

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    I Guarantee You That This Did Not Happen

Here is the headline.

Biden gets Covid Vaccine on National Television

I guarantee you … I absolutely guarantee you that this did not happen.

Maybe Biden got a saline solution. Maybe he got a dose of vitamins.

And maybe he got one of those fake needles which retracts back into the syringe when pushed against something solid.

But he did not get vaccinated.

Look, even with very safe vaccines people can get anaphylactic shock.

It happens.

Do you really think his advisors would risk that on national TV?

At his age?

With this vaccine?

On national television?


No way that this was real.

  • Mon, Sep 27, 2021 - 09:27pm



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    I Guarantee You That This Did Not Happen

I guess it’s better to stay away from that guy, as we give him “some power” to exist on our mind, somehow.

He got vaccinated, he got saline, whatever, let’s take action with what we can control 😉

  • Mon, Sep 27, 2021 - 11:47pm



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    More Kabuki theatre of officials taking jab

I’m skeptical…since White House staff, members of Congress and their staff, etc. are not mandated to take it. I wouldn’t  count on they’d take the risk of pushing the tottering oldster over the cliff on Natl. TV. Besides what if one of the elite or their foot servants had a bad reaction?  Wouldn’t that damage the narrative?

There used to be videos of such fakery, but of course the “fact checkers” have removed them. Wouldn’t want any discourse.

  • Tue, Sep 28, 2021 - 12:22am



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    I Guarantee You That This Did Not Happen

Complete bullshit – why would one take it in public?  to show how safe it is?  I can assure you it is not safe , hence even if biden was such an idiot to want , his handlers wouldn’t dare give him this crap – with even a remote chance of his death.     which there is much greater than remote.

Also please note there are more 120 congress members over the age of 75 most are over 80 – and not one hospitalized for dead from COVID.

They have a real vaccine from long before this started, or a functional cure.  They would never ever take what we are given.   I can assure you this, and bet the nation all of fauci and bill gates’ money on this.

  • Tue, Sep 28, 2021 - 11:44am



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    I Guarantee You That This Did Not Happen

There seemed to be a LOT of preparatory work on a spot high up his shoulder (not in the deltoid as normal) the angle of the needle too seemed to suggest it was aimed at something not human flesh. The syringe too was pectuliar in that the needle seemed to be more of a bayonette under an oral syringe. This is definitely kabuki theater. Any nurses care to weigh in on the charade?

If the vaxed DO start dying off, I think we give TPTB the same execution they gave everyone else. Two jabs and a booster and start the clock. Let them use their remaining resources to find a cure before the clots get them.

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