I am trying to find a good home water filter/treatment system, but there are so many choices! Do you have any recommendations?

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    New home water looking to remove the chlorine

Question for all of you experts of all things water. We just moved into a village and have municipal water. But I think there is at least chlorine. Here is what the water website says:

***** Drinking Water System is a combination of well and surface water supply consisting of two raw water well sources, a surface water filtration plant, and a water standpipe. The two wells are located to the east of town at *****. The surface water intake is upstream of *****. The ***** Drinking Water System provides drinking water to the communities of *****.

*****, the raw water enters the plant where the flow and turbidity is measured. Sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) is then added for disinfection. After disinfection, Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC) is added for the purpose of flocculation. The water then flows through a series of flocculation channels, which promote the formation of floc. Water then enters a single sedimentation tank, which has tube settlers to improve the solids removal and reduce carryover of settleable material (floc).

Hydrofluosilicic acid (fluoride) is then added prior to entering the horizontal pressure filters which contain anthracite, silica sand and silica gravel. After the water leaves the filters, the flow and turbidity are monitored before the water enters the Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Reactors. The final stage of the treatment process is the addition of sodium hypochlorite, a second application to insure proper disinfection is obtained. Treated water is monitored before leaving the plant by online analyzers, which measure pH and chlorine residual.

At the two wells, water from each well is pumped and flows through an inline magnetic flow meter that measures the flow. The next step is the disinfection process, which consists of two UV disinfection units and then the addition of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine). Hydrofluosilicic acid is then added for fluoridation followed by sodium silicate, which is added for iron suspension purposes (iron sequestering).

Parameter Sample Date Result Value Unit of
Antimony 11/05/2020 0.11 ug/L No
Arsenic 11/05/2020 0.6 ug/L No
Barium 11/05/2020 105.0 ug/L No
Boron 11/05/2020 20 ug/L No
Cadmium 11/05/2020 0.005 ug/L No
Chromium 11/05/2020 0.08 ug/L No

Lead Exempt
Mercury 11/05/2020 0.01<MDL ug/L No
Selenium 11/05/2020 0.21 ug/L No
Sodium 11/05/2020 13.7 mg/L No
Uranium 11/05/2020 0.97 ug/L No
Fluoride Daily No
Nitrite 24/02/2020 0.003<MDL
11/05/2020 0.003<MDL
24/08/2020 0.003<MDL
18/11/2020 0.003<MDL
0.003<MDL ug/L
Nitrate 24/02/20 3.70 ug/L

2011/05/2020 2.88 ug/L

24/08/2020 3.67 ug/L
18/11/2020 1.99ug/L

Does this information help figure out what sort of water purifier we need? I’ve never been able to smell chlorine in drinking water before (and I smell it faintly now).

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