I am on Day 5 of HCQ Testimony

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    Reply To: HCQ/Zinc Prophylactic Dosage

Here’s the Adult Dose for COVID-19 listed on Drugs.com before it was removed from the page:

At least 50 kg: 800 mg salt (620 mg base) orally on day 1, followed by 400 mg salt (310 mg base) orally once a day
Total duration of therapy: 4 to 7 days, based on clinical evaluation

And here’s the prophylaxis dosage recommended by Dr. Zelenko:

Hydroxychloroquine 200mg once a day for 5 days and then once a week. Same for Zinc sulfate 220mg

I’m certain 50mg of zinc gluconate or picolinate can be an adequate substitute for 220mg of zinc sulfate.


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    I am on Day 5 of HCQ Testimony


I got my script rushed to me through https://speakwithanmd.com/

They were very efficient.  If you want to have script overnighted, they will do so.  You have to refer to “symptoms” on the call to initiate the script.  They do not administer HCQ for prophylaxis.

I am now one week into my treatment and I have to say, no side effects and feel great.  Please work with their teledocs as I don’t know about your health so each person is different.

Also, there are some posts here on buying from Indiamart.  I have also bought some supplies from Sunil as well.  It will take a month before I get my supplies but I am buying for any people who just can’t get any access to help and who desperately need it in my community.  Here is my contact I used based off intel from PP Community.  He has been great Sunil Phalke <[email protected]>.  Feel free to email him direct for an order but check out their site as well.  https://my.indiamart.com/enquiry/messagecentre/

I also ordered Azithromax from him as well.

Happy Health!

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