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Hurricane Sandy and the Generator Analogy…

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  • Fri, Nov 09, 2012 - 07:36pm


    Jim H

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    Hurricane Sandy and the Generator Analogy…

Being the prepper that I am, you can bet that I did have a generator and plenty of gas at the ready when the winds hit my area.  My generator was right sized (it might be nice to run my oven and/or clothes drier this way.. but I would pay the price in increased gas consumption) and I knew how to use it.   I coasted through a week of no power without any discomfort to speak of, other than a looming shortage of clean underwear that was about to necessitate some hand washing.  Many though were caught without generators, or with generators but way too few gas cans, or with generators but insufficient knowledge of their safe use.  In the days after the storm, all generators left in the area were quickly sold out… one well-off friend of mine paid whatever it took (in this case $2500 for a smallish, 3K watt true Sine-wave Honda) to get one.  I am not sure whether it is laziness, the old normalcy bias, or some kind of deep seated confidence that the nanny state will always be there for us  (and one could make the case that they do try, for now; ) but the fact is, most people were not ready for this storm to hit, leading to a run on generators.  My mother even asked me if I thought Generac stock would be a good investment… and I had to tell her that she had already missed the run-up in that stock.  

It struck me how analogous this is to the economic and monetary storm that is brewing.. the one that so few people are prepared for.  When it does hit in a way that even the willfully blind among us cannot deny….   that is when every LCS and web-based seller of Gold and Silver will run out of stock, almost immediately.  Lines will form outside of coin shops, waiting for shipments to arrive from wholesalers.  The price rise will induce more buying (look up the meaning of the words, "Giffen good") and the mining stocks will skyrocket.  My mother will ask me which mining stock is a good buy, and I will say, "pretty much any of them six months ago".  Few will be willing to sell at this point.. many will want to buy.  I have no idea how high the price will go.. but it will be much higher than today.  Got Gold?    

  • Thu, Nov 15, 2012 - 11:54pm

    Organic Raw Veggies

    Organic Raw Veggies

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    Gas station generator

Generator nice. You will need a disconnect and plug installed preferably to a subpanel where only certain circuits exist. So you disconnect from the grid when the generator is used. Back feeding your wiring is not good. Monthly testing of the generator. Gas that gets old. Gas stations without power, flooded gas stations, long lines for gas. How do I get to the gas station? Ever carried 2 – 5 gallon gas containers a few blocks? I have, feels good. How do I get to the gas station? Take the Kids wagon. Is my generator ruined because I left gas in it all year and didn,t use? Maybe. Get gas additive.

Generators, snow shovels, sleds, salt, tires all sell out after or before a big snow storm. Now Would be the time to go get those things before your local ace sells out. Stick a second set of gardening tools in your attic for when you break the ones you have.

Just heard on the radio food prices rose modestly so ben says he can keep printed money with no fear of inflation. Food prices on the rise and no inflation….how magical.

Stores around me were sold out of food, batteries, etc, etc 4 days before Superstorm Sandy hit. I didn’t even need to go to the store. I harvested some potatoes and cleaned up the yard. And got gas for the generator.

  • Sun, Dec 02, 2012 - 12:42pm



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    Wondered How You Did During The Storm….

Hi Jim,

I remember emailing you and thought you had said you were down in the New York, New Jersey area, so I am glad to hear that things are coming together after the storm.  I hope things were not too awful down there, you sound like one of the lucky ones when compared to some of the people who lost their homes.  I am sure a week without power was not fun though.  Your post was well intentioned and thought provoking.

I bought a generator this spring but I have never used it.  I have about 10 gallons of gas on stand by, so I was prepped if Sandy had come this far north.  Would have had to been careful with the rate by which I used it, but my guess is I we could have rationed and been fine.   Truth is I am not comfortable with its use, but I know my neighbors have used them before.  This year when my brothers go ice fishing, I will make sure to ask to help set up the generator.

As for the economic storm that is brewing….I think you are right.  Unfortunately, I can’t afford gold.  Well, I suppose I could, but I would have to stop my silver purchases every week just to buy up a little bit of gold.  So I spend my time getting a few coins here and there, trying to increase the few stacks I have.  You are right though.  When things start to go, gold and silver may be hard to find.

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