How would abundant energy change the the game… ?

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  • Mon, Jan 16, 2012 - 01:55pm


    Arthur Robey

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    Dud regulation.

Of course the cold fusion reactor will be allowed into homes. Everyone knows they dont work, therefore they must be harmless. Why would you need to regulate something that is obviously a dud?

The regulators would look silly, as though they were trying to prevent a garden gnome from prancing around naked.

Therefore it requires no governmental oversight.

  • Mon, Jan 16, 2012 - 03:21pm


    Jim H

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    Rf generator…

DamntheMatrix said,

“And then here comes another feature out of left field. The reactor now included a radio frequency generator (never been mentioned before) which ” allows the forces that would normally prevent the fusion process from taking place (Coulomb forces) to work for you, and not against you.” The full theory of how the system works will be revealed, “soon,” he [Rossi] said.”

This is sounding more and more complex, more and more absurd.  An Rf generator would generally mean that you are trying to incite a plasma, and they consume quite a bit of electricity;

I found this very thoughtful debunking of eCAT, written by a Physicist from Brookhaven National Labs.  Here is the basis of the argument against the possibility that eCAT is achieving the transmutation of Ni –> Cu.…

“There are five known stable isotopes of Nickel, and here on Earth they are found in the percentages shown in the chart above. These isotope ratios are the same on Earth as they are in meteorites and in the Sun, and are pretty universal to any sample of nickel naturally found here on Earth.

If you want to create copper from any of these elements by adding a proton (hydrogen nucleus) to them, here are the reactions you’re looking for:

  • 58Ni + 1H → 59Cu*,
  • 60Ni + 1H → 61Cu*,
  • 61Ni + 1H → 62Cu*,
  • 62Ni + 1H → 63Cu*,
  • 64Ni + 1H → 65Cu*.

That doesn’t look so prohibitive, does it? Of course, there is the fact that you’ve got to overcome the tremendous Coulomb barrier (the electrical repulsion between nickel and hydrogen nuclei), which — according to our knowledge of nuclear physics — requires temperatures and pressures not found naturally


in the Universe. Not in the Sun, not in the cores of the most massive stars, and (to the best of our knowledge) not


in supernova explosions!”

  • Thu, Jun 27, 2013 - 07:10am



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    Much more that what is here…

This goes much more than what is in that (now old) article from Nasa.

Last news is that Nasa is funding LENR plane preliminary research

beside Nasa, there are much more business news on that subject.
I have made a LENR executive summary 
Note that National Instruments, with the voice of the big boss Truchard (see the opening of NIWeek2012) and his "Big science clients" boss "Stefano concezzi". See the 5 presentation (some panel, a keynote, few presentations), and the Celani demo reactor.
The reason why people still think that LENR is fake is that they use the definitive statement done in 1989 by incompetent teams of MIT and caltech. I say incompetent because their calorimetry was so.
You can find the detail of that incompetence, and if there is suspected frauds it is only at MIT (follow  Mallove accusation, as he was the MIT editor of the tweaked MIT papers).
LENR is proven by many PR papers, many experiments, few replication of F&P (see longchamp 97 at CEA grenoble, the best), many other effect measures (tritium, He4, Heat-He4, transmutations of Cs)… Various organization have worked on it US navy Spawar, Amocco, India BARC, French CEA, French CNAM, Uni Tsinghua, NASA GRC and some still do like Toyota, Mitsubishi, ENEA, Purdue, Uni Missouri. 
Andrea Rossi is only the crazy guy who started the race of NiH, while even the LENR scientists were comfortably staying with PdD domain.
Today 3 companies work to industrialize a reactor, and I suspect 3 others are working on something similar…
You should go to NIWeek2013 in Texas, to see what happen in august…
or at Uni Missouri in July.
Those who whant datashould go to lenr-forum where I gathered a pile of story


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