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How-To Videos: Food Storage & Other Survival Prep

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  • Thu, Apr 30, 2009 - 04:30pm



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    How-To Videos: Food Storage & Other Survival Prep

After scouring the ‘Net for long-term storage foods (and having a heart attack when I saw the total in my shopping cart!) I found some really good videos on how to store your own food in buckets (with and without mylar & oxygen absorbers). This guy is a hard-core survivalist who’s been doing this for over 20 years and he has some great advice about food storage, bug out bags, laundry with no power, etc.  I found this info really useful, especially his tips about what foods are fine for you to pack yourself (saves $$$$) and which ones you really are better off buying pre-packaged in #10 cans. Thought I’d share:

Just to give you an idea: my shopping cart at the lowest price/highest quality dealer was over $5k for a years supply for 2 people (not including shipping!), no pre-made meals or goodies — just real meat (not TVP), dried dairy/eggs, dried veg & grains that required real "cooking". Even with purchasing all the 6 gallon HDPE 2 buckets, mylar bags & O2 absorbers new (in bulk for discount of course) and then buying 100# bags (about 2 buckets worth) from a local feed or whole foods grocery store… we’re looking at saving over $2k AND having almost another 6 months of hard staple foods.  If we go farther and home can more of our stuff we could save more money (even including the cost of the canning equipment), but since we’ll need to move this food at least once and have a high risk of freezing at least the first year, I’m leary of doing too much in glass jars at this point.

I’ll post a link to this thread, along with the suppliers I came across on the "Food Storage Dilemmas" thread.

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