How to talk to vaccinated people

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    How to talk to vaccinated people

Positivity is precious. Seeing the glass half full is infectious………I live in a world split by the vaccine into two camps, but am always motivated to build a bridge and find common ground.
I was at the dentist yesterday and had a wonderful dental tech. We became fast friends. She was from Columbia and was thrilled that I spoke to her in Spanish. (My first effort to build a bridge). We ended up doing the whole cleaning half hour procedure in Spanish.
She was vaccinated late 20’s with two toddlers. I slipped Ivermectin into the conversation in the context that vaccines were not perfect and that a reliable therapeutic was still a good tool to have against Covid. She had never heard of IVM. (Amazing!) But wanted to know more. The Dentist overheard our discussion (now in English) and when he came in asked how often I took it. (Every 2 weeks was my answer) ….I then moved the discussion to D3 ….. neither was aware of it. Today I am searching out some published studies on D3 to drop by the dental office. I feel like building my credibility with data on a safe “vitamin” will keep the discussion open for Ivermectin and hopefully raise awareness. I wrote down a link to the FLCCC for the dental tech……Hope it makes a difference.

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    How to talk to vaccinated people

Don’t get too attached

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    How to talk to vaccinated people

Wow, 🙂 nicely done!

I’m also exploring engaging people’s curiosity.  Everyone is stressed by current events, and we have opportunities to share.  So many people are buying the party line, and they haven’t explored the options like we have.

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    How to talk to vaccinated people

I also wonder if there is an element of leadership missing from those who have bought into the legacy media narrative driven by all of the confusing / contradictory information. Essentially, such people listening to this will be in a disorientated state.

I think there is an opportunity here if we can provide a stable platform whilst pointing out the inconsistencies offered by the authorities and institutions.

For example, nutrition and environment are two major drivers in health that we can influence. That for me is the stable platform. For my part, I don’t lecture, I just explain what I do, “I take vitamin D and zinc because I have been reading up on how important the thymus gland is with respect to the immune system.” I think if we can help empower people through knowledge and selfcare it lessens their dependency on the institutional lies and their products.

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    How to talk to vaccinated people

I talk to them this way:

“OH, you poor, poor, Dear!    You have unwittingly become a victim of a crime and have yet to realize it.  It is not your fault, you were lied too…manipulated…and misinformed by the criminal, into thinking you were benefiting yourself by getting injected with an unknown, experimental, genetic-therapy…falsely presented to you as a “vaccine.”

I know…you do not think so now, even if you did have those headaches and vision issues after getting injected.  And I am sure the tingling in your fingers and toes will shortly cease, as well.   But, what is done.   We cannot reverse what has been done to you and the damage you have already suffered..and shall suffer in the future..can only be treated with therapeutics as best we can…in order to attempt to provide you the very best quality of life…for as long a time as we can.

I understand this sounds horrifying…but, that is only because IT IS.   It is only natural for you to feel as you do about what I am telling you…after all, who wants to acknowledge that the experimental serum they voluntarily had injected into themselves…and into their loved ones…is actually toxic and harmful, and shall most likely shorten everyone’s life…to a few more years…at best?

I mean, you were not properly informed, you were told deliberate lies…such as the shots would protect you from the NEW pandemic virus..and allow you to avoid wearing a mask, right?   I am afraid none of this is true.

Hoping to escape the risks of a pandemic with the shots…you only increased your risks..and permanently damaged yourself…while dong NOTHING to protect yourself from COVID19…

Oh, well.  Have a nice day…thanks for the coffee!

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    Reply To: How to talk to vaccinated people

Im fairly comfortable that the vaccines are harsh in terms of adverse effects when delivered and perhaps for a while afterwards.

What is the mechanism of action that leads you to suggest that vaccinated persons will be dead within a few years?

That would be a horrible thing to fear monger someone you are talking to without solid evidence.  and even then not likely to be helpful in terms of meaningful conversation?




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    How to talk to vaccinated people

On one of Reiner Fuellmich’s latest videos, (see link bellow) this topic is discussed along with some psychology that is used to mesmerize people by media and the government.  Sounds like making sure you are correct  and being specific while not overwhelming the person is important.–54-28.05.2021:4



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    How to talk to vaccinated people

Depending on the makeup of the person, go after big pharma…

– They should have been shouting from the loudspeakers for everyone to get their Vitamin D levels up. Could have saved half the lives lost, as it was known early on.

– Some cheap generic drugs have shown to be effective against the disease, but are getting censored. This could have saved 100k’s more lives.

– These ‘vaccines’ aren’t technically vaccines – they had to switch the lingo last year to allow it to be called that…

BigP has a long history of not doing what’s in our best interest…. examples…

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    How to talk to vaccinated people


Lol, brutal! But true.


I called a funeral home in my area and confirmed they are experiencing more deaths now than they ever have. These aren’t covid deaths either. The aged are of course well represented, and were amongst the first to vaccinate. They are dying of perfectly explainable, accelerated ailments, and are dying in their homes at alarming rates. The only way to confirm this is statistically by looking at pre-covid baselines, and comparing them to recent data. I expect you’ll find an uptick in deaths attributed to heart failure and neurological disorders.

Second, the increase in young healthy people suffering adverse side effects points to the issues alluded to in d-dimer tests showing microclots all over the body. Permanent damage to heart and brain tissues and the permanent, and compounding cascade of problems from a body breaking down.

Third, the number of TIA’s, Transient Ischemic Attacks occuring in middle aged people which is indicative of imminent stroke. Bells Palsy occuring in vaccinated people. The permanent damage to the body from even temporary issues compounds over time.

While not yet confirmed in the literature, the blood and urine samples of vaccinated people are showing alarming things too. Carcinogens are being passed through the system. Evidence of blood clotting and spike proteins changing the shape of blood vessels.

We don’t have to have evidence of what WILL come to tell what has happened and how those issues tend to progress. The number of adverse events seems to compound with each additional shot. Davefairtex has posted a number of excellent graphs showing a natural 5% spread between first shot and second shot people which should converge over time were there no issues, the fact that they do not, shows us how many people experience adverse effects with each dose. After the second dose, there are just as many I’m sure, and after the booster (likely this fall) we will see a similar or increasing rate.

Even without the boosters though, the humanized mouse models showed that after two weeks (the human equivalent of 18 months) those mice developed prion diseases and were destroyed before they could die. Of course those are mice, so it may vary widely for humans. But the likelihood of prion diseases developing increases the more prion like proteins to inject, and each dose of mRNA is capable of producing up to 40 trillion spike proteins throughout the body. Which are themselves cytotoxic, which means cell death, which means increased likelihood of cancer.

Additionally, the spike protein’s affinity for the ACE2 receptor means the ROS function gets disrupted. Leading to reduced immune response if blocked, so the body starts targetting everything with a spike protein, including the cells that have been conditioned to produce them. So either the body does nothing and you die of outside infection, ir you develop an auto-immune disease. It has been compared to chronic granulomatis disease, which my ex-fiance had, which was excruciatingly painful for her without immunosuppression and painkillers.

The reality is that these things may not occur in everyone. We may find out that some people have a natural immunity to the spike proteins due to some genetic mutation (similar to sickle-cell and malaria) but they will be in a small minority. The rest have a burning fuse and based on their underlying conditions, will be affected at different points. But all who get vaccinated have this bomb inside them now.

I’ve put my money on october for when the first wave starts dropping out. The majority of people got vaccinated around April, and from what I’ve seen six months is when people start getting strokes, when they start noticing those issues they could previously ignore, when the heart finally cramps up or seizes, when their nerves swell enough to cause numbness or equilibrium issues. And all these will be recorded under “other-than covid, not related to vaccination”.

Which is also why “95% of covid deaths are in the unvaccinated” because they don’t track that anymore once you’ve been vaccinated. But dropping a boulder to dam a river doesn’t stop the flow, it merely finds the new path of least resistance, and that is all we’ve done with the vaccine. So with all the VAERS data, and the known immune escape of this sort of vaccine, we know at least that the vaccinated will suffer from Covid over and over. And since their antibodies override the immune response, and their antibodies are imperfect fits for the new variants, the immune system is effectively neutralized. Which means there’s NO immune system response without a booster, which means more VAERS effects. But we still don’t know if the immune system will accept the new variant mRNA the same as the original, or whether it will replace it. If it’s the latter, then we have a seesaw where classic CoV-2 and VOC’s go back and forth in dominance and only those with natural immunity are able to effectively fight off both.

The speculation is heavy on what IS coming. But based on what we’ve seen so far from all sides of the vaccine, there is a wave of death coming for them and they are blinded by misinformation about what is in store.

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    How to talk to vaccinated people

Both the Pfizer and the Moderna serums are designed to force the injected person’s own, disease free, cells to carry out the serum’s mRNA, nucleotide instructions to create artificial, S1, spike-proteins, and release them into the body, by the TRILLONS.

ALL of these S1 spike-proteins are synthetic constructs, which do not mirror, or look like, the SARS COV 2 spike-proteins this virus possesses.  So, the reaction of the jabbed person’s immune system to the SERUM CREATED S1 proteins..will not be effective against the SARS COV 2 virus.  This is completely demonstrated by the fact that the SERUM does not sterilize the body of SARS COV 2, doe not protect against the infection of SARS COV 2, does not prevent the spread of SARS COV 2, does not prevent getting sick from COVID19, nor…does the serum reduce the severity of any symptoms of COVID19 in 50% of the jabbed…and it is IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW IF THE OTHER 50% HAD ANY SYMPTOMS REDUCED AT ALL.

But, this is not the crux of the matter.   The intent and purpose of the mRNA serums HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SARS COV 2 (as you may have guessed by how it does nothing to benefit victims of COVID19,  or fighting SARS COV 2).

You see, each S1 spike-protein created by the serums, includes a deliberate, genetic, modification, which specifically added a prion domain to each of them, right at the very “top” of each spike.  This domain contains a synthetic PRION Proteins, which are NOT PRESENT ON THE SARS COV 2 VIRUS…NOR ANY SPIKE-PROTEIN OF NATURAL ORIGIN!

So, when the serum generates trillions of S1 spikes, it is generating trillions of dangerous PRIONS…as well.  These pathogenic Prions cross the blood/brain barrier and begin to cause damage to the brain’s cells…and begin to destroy the ability of the brain’s neurons to function and communicate.

Let me tell you about PRIONS:

Prions are tiny proteins that, for some reason, fold over in a way that damages healthy brain cells.

Prions cause dementia, as in the brain, these proteins do not allow normal brain cells to work the way they should and they permanently damage brain cells.

Prions are the best choice for an active bioweapon, as their damage progresses and gets worse quickly.  And, like Alzheimer’s, there is no known cure for prion diseases…although HEPARIN seems promising as a treatment.

Prions cause brain diseases, which are all referred to as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, or TSEs.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) (“Mad Cow”)
Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (VCJD)
Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome
Fatal familial insomnia
Variably protease-sensitive prionopathy

(Note: Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is the most common, and, Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can affect younger adults.)

Prions are proteins fold over the wrong way, spread, and then cause other proteins to form the same incorrect shape.

These misshapen prions, and cells, build up and make clumps of cells in the brain. When they do, they kill neurons, and effect  balance, and movement, as well as memory function.  The immune system is useless against the effects of prions. So, nothing stops the progression of prions, as they continue to kill healthy brain cells

We know a person can be infected with lethal prions in various ways.

For example:

1. Transplant operations of infected tissue.

2. Surgical tools contaminated with the prion.

3. Eating infected meat. (Mad Cow – VCJD)

4. Blood Transfusions.


I hope this helps a bit….




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