How to make mittens out of old sweaters

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  • Fri, Jan 02, 2015 - 08:11pm


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    How to make mittens out of old sweaters

How to Make Sweater Mittens Out of an Old Sweater (video and great tips in the comments)

Grab these materials:

• a wool sweater;
• marker;
• a pair of scissors;
• straight pins;
• sewing needle and thread (matching the color of the sweater);
• buttons, additional embroidery floss;

Start by turning your sweater inside-out and outlining your hand with a marker on the lower part of the front of the sweater. Using a pair of scissors, cut-out 1″ above the shape. Place some pins along the entire length of the outline. This is important because the two sides (remember that you cut on the entire sweater, meaning back and front) will stick together.

Sew a simple stitch along the trace, making sure the bottom is left open and wide enough for your hand to fit in. By now, you can remove the pins. Continue the process with cutting the excess material around the stitch, remembering to do this far enough from the stitching so it won’t open.

Finish by turning the resulting mitten inside-out and decorating according to your taste. Buttons or colorful embroidery floss will do the trick. Do the same steps for the other half of the wonderful DIY mittens out of a sweater.

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    Sweater to Mittens: yes, but

1. Felt the sweater first by washing it in warm/hot water, for warmer mittens.

2. Decorate one panel *before* pinning and stitching the two pieces together. Much easier to avoid catching the 2nd layer in the decorating stitches that way.

3. You can also stitch the machines on a sewing machine, using a stretch stitch would be ideal.

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It's not THAT cold here where I live very often that mittens are needed, but still gets pretty crispy on a frosty day in winter, so I could see those same jumper/sweater arms being used to make a skirt. Enough sleeves that the cuffs go around ones waist and could be rolled over and stitched to slip a piece of elastic through, and if the sleeves are unpicked off at the shoulder seams perhaps even no need to hem said skirt at the bottom. Probably not a garment you would do serious work outside in, but certainly something you could wear down the street. food for thought and maybe a trail for a little girl before aiming to make an adult size…


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