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How to kill viruses

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  • Sat, Feb 15, 2020 - 11:17am



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    How to kill viruses

1.  There have been past studies to indicate that sunlight and indeed ultraviolet light kills bacteria and viruses,” Schaffner said. “The major takeaway from this study is that even if the sunlight goes through conventional panes of glass, it retains a substantial capacity to kill bacteria and viruses.
2.  Viruses are inactivated at temperatures between 60 °C and 65 °C, but more slowly than bacteria. However, as shown for poliovirus and hepatitis A, as temperatures increase above 70 °C, a greater than 5 log inactivation (99.999% reduction) is achieved in less than 1 minute.
3.  Ultraviolet light (dangerous to humans)
4.  Top Ten Natural Anti-Viral Agents
COLLOIDAL SILVER. Silver has been utilized as a medicine since ancient times to treat scores of ailments, including the bubonic plague. …
GREEN TEA. .(Chinese drink black tea, Japanese drink green tea)


Keep your homes, offices, and factories at 70+F. Open your drapes and blinds. One cannot raise your surroundings to 70 C, but sun and warm temperatures will discourage all viruses.

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    Coronavirus and Evidence for Potential Benefit from Colloidal Silver

An important drawback to the FDA system is that it can only approve the advertisement of the safety and efficacy for drugs that are submitted by a sponsoring pharmaceutical company. The fees for approval can run up to a billion dollars or more for a new drug and over ten years to go through the approval process.

The only drugs that pharmaceutical companies will fund this enormous cost are new discoveries for which there is strong patent protection. Investors want their billion dollars back plus a healthy profit.

There are many potentially safe and effective drugs that will never be submitted for FDA approval because they have no patent protection.

Colloidal silver, as with most dietary supplements cannot be patented. There is no exclusivity that can be claimed for manufacturing and distributing it. Thus it is not a viable investment fund the approval process. If FDA approval was achieved, there would be nothing to prevent competing companies from eroding all profits.

This problem also applies to all “off label” uses of approved drugs.

The FDA cannot claim that agents such as colloidal silver are unsafe or ineffective. The FDA has simply never been asked to make an opinion. All the FDA can say is that a certain drug has not been approved as safe and effective use by the FDA because there was no application to the FDA to make such a determination.

The FDA needs to establish a new category, “Safe but of unknown effectiveness.” This would apply to drugs that may be safely tried based on evidence from major scientific studies indicating potential or promising but as yet conclusive proof of effectiveness. It is much cheaper and faster to prove an agents safety than it’s effectiveness.

In the case of colloidal silver one has only to search the National Institutes of Health and other reputable research institutions to find an abundance of such evidence. Some examples are:

Inhibitory effect of silver nanomaterials on transmissible virus-induced host cell infections

Silver Nanoparticles as Potential Antiviral Agents

Metal nanoparticles: The protective nanoshield against virus infection.

Antiviral and Immunomodulatory Activity of Silver Nanoparticles in Experimental RSV Infection

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    Clarify please

First post in this thread quotes temperatures in Centigrade and advice to heat home in Fahrenheit.  Please rethink this as 60C is NOT the same as 60F!

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    Some herbs exacerbate cytokine storm

I don’t have the data in front of me however I believe both echinacea and elderberry have properties that would worsen a cytokine storm.

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    re: Some herbs exacerbate cytokine storm

No,  Elderberry is always good to take !

There is more than one type of echinachea also, so you would need to look up which one you are talking about.

Stephen Buhner says that echinachea purpurea is  useless ( not harmful, just a waste of money) Echinachea Angustifolia is antiviral, bit must touch the affected membranes.  He says it can be useful at the very start of an infection, ie., a tea that you drink and goes over the scratchy throught.  It would not be very useful for this infection as this one is deep in the lungs.

There are many more useful herbs for this one

His facebook page has the recomended protocol for this one, you can go and look it up.   I Own his Herbal Antiviral book which gives much more detailed information on herbs and  cytocine storms, etc…

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    Re: Silver

Metallic coins, esp. silver coins are anti microbial.  Maybe will be more accepted than the contaminated paper currency.

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