How to inform people about what is going on?

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    How to inform people about what is going on?

Hi, I have been trying to inform people for the last year, with mixed success. I find that most don’t want to hear it! And those that do, soon grow tired of it or just laugh it off. That leaves 5 percent or so that actually will look deeper and take some kind of action.

I guess what I’m asking is how to improve my delivery. I sometimes come on to strong and make people nervous, scared or depressed. Any tips on how to get people to listen. I realize this is not an easy subject to grasp. I feel into it only because I lost so much money in the markets; I wondered why.



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    Welcome aboard,

Welcome aboard, hujh2012!

About 6 months ago I lent the Crash Course to a coworker.  He enjoyed it and took it to heart.  Today he informed me he has placed an offer on a small farm in Oregon.  Coworker #2 read it and really enjoyed it.  She returned it to me, telling me that she purchased her own copy to give to her husband.  Coworker #3 read it, bought a copy for her husband, and quit her California job to move to a small, east coast community.  About 2 weeks ago I loaned the same copy to another coworker.  He is Chinese and very bright.  He complained about how corrupt China is.  Can’t wait to chat with him after he finishes.

I also had our minister sit through the 45 minute version of the Crash Course, and she did a sermon on the topic (trust me, CM does a better job of preaching the 3 E’s than she did).

The only success I have had on sharing what is going on is sharing CM’s book or information on this site. 

Hope this helps.



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