How to get a jab, but not

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    Horse Paste Poison Calls

Naturally, the money shot came at the end of the article.  That’s where the facts usually are these days.

As of Aug. 20, Mississippi health officials reported no hospitalizations related to ivermectin toxicity, and 85% of recent callers had mild symptoms, with one person advised to seek further evaluation due to the amount of drug ingested.

Sounds like 6 calls in the entire state, with 1 of the callers having used an entire tube, rather than treating himself like a 200-pound horse.

I blame every single one of these calls on Fauci & the NIH and their deliberate, sociopathic, Pharma-enabling “No Treatments For You” policy.

Hmm.  Having said that – I suspect this whole event may be causing a large number of people (all those who didn’t call – and handled things properly – the 99.9%) to rethink their dependency on the centralized medical authorities, and instead, reclaim agency for themselves and their own health.

The intriguing unintended consequence: when they get cancer, or some other issue, how many of these people will be that much more willing to research the situation themselves, and look for treatments outside the “NIH guidelines”?

I think Pharma is getting some short-term wins, with a massive set of long term losses coming in the near future.  Vax hesitancy has gone from 1% to – say – 40%.  Even more changes are on the way.  They just aren’t visible under all the censorship.

My sense.

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    How to get a jab, but not

Durvet paste in tubes at Murdoch’s in our nearest regional center (western Colorado) was stacked 3 shelves high today and $6/tube, not expensive (relative to Amazon) but still double the normal price from last year.  Amazing display, no way they keep that much for local horses.  The word is definitely out even though they suppress it…

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    How to get a jab, but not

Maybe we could all start calling the poison centers and complain that the Durvet tastes bitter – No Apple Taste – and that we’re concerned we have anosmia.

I would say, the situation passed the Monty Python Moment stage a long time ago, but I suspect there will be even more, MORE Monty Python moments in the future.

i.e. moments when the absurdity of the US gov. becomes funny – to someone who has learned not to care (too much) about the US.

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