How to completely STOP vax cultist verbal pressure

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  • Thu, Apr 08, 2021 - 09:56am



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    How to completely STOP vax cultist verbal pressure

There is a very interesting article in The Telegraph (UK) entitled

State of fear: how ministers ‘used covert tactics’ to keep scared public at home

with the subheading:
Government’s ‘psychological strategies’ to manipulate unwitting public’s behaviour may backfire and lead to long-term damage, experts claim

The article talks about how the UK government is “weaponising fear” to encourage compliance with its covid strategy “But the problem with fear, as one behavioural scientist said on Friday, is that ‘you can’t turn it on and off like a tap’.” “…dozens of psychologists have now accused ministers of using “covert psychological strategies” to manipulate the public’s behaviour. They also claim that “inflated fear levels will be responsible for the ‘collateral’ deaths of many thousands of people with non-Covid illnesses’ who are ‘too frightened to attend hospital’.”

The same has certainly been done here in Canada by the governmental and health authorities. This may or may not be a covid pandemic but the authorities have certainly created an epidemic of fear. It will be interesting to see which has the worse long-term consequences on the health of the body politic.

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)

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