How to Catch a Stalker

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  • Mon, Apr 22, 2013 - 04:18pm


    Katie Randles

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    How to Catch a Stalker

Recently, two letters have been sent to my home from an anonymous author. Both letters are made up of cut out letters from magazines and pasted together to form the messages.

The first, sent in March, read, "We are watching you". Another letter just arrived saying, "you should mow your lawn,". I assume the intent of that message is to let me know that someone has actually been by my house to see that the grass is long.  

There is no return address, just a handwritten address to my house. I'm 99.9% positive I know who is behind this, but I'm not sure how I go about proving it's him. I've tried to contact this person several times, via multiple methods to let him know I need him to stop. He's either not getting the message or is has decided to ignore my request. 

Advice and suggestions are welcome. I'd like this harassment to stop. 

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