How the plan to control the world works/is working.

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    How the plan to control the world works/is working.

So I’ve heard and read plenty of info about the great reset, but until I read this article explaining how the GPPP’s (Global public private partnerships) work I didn’t understand how they were coordinating responses amongst various governments many of which were normally not all that friendly to one another.

What is the “Global Public-Private Partnership”?

here is diagram of how it works

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    How the plan to control the world works/is working.

So this document introduces corporations as having a new role in the making of legislation. Does anyone remember the TPP? There were all sorts of ways that big business profited from the TPP being ratified. From forcing countries to police copyright violations, to mandating surgical instruments.

UN sec Gen Kofi Annan said:

The United Nations has been transformed since we last met here in Davos. The Organization has undergone a complete overhaul that I have described as a ‘quiet revolution’…A fundamental shift has occurred. The United Nations once dealt only with governments. By now we know that peace and prosperity cannot be achieved without partnerships involving governments, international organizations, the business community and civil society…The business of the United Nations involves the businesses of the world.”

I love this quote:

The conflict of interest is obvious. We are simply expected to accept, without question, that global corporations are committed to putting humanitarian and environmental causes before profit. Supposedly, a GPPP led system of global governance is somehow beneficial for us.

Kind of reminds you of how much influence big pharma has had in this. Like it is a trial run.

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    Reply To: How the plan to control the world works/is working.

….and civil society…

Their plans for “un-civil society” is what has me concerned….Aloha, Steve

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