How the Amish reached herd immunity

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    How the Amish reached herd immunity

I’ve been wondering how the Amish community has fared with Covid. The journalist Sharyl Attkisson often investigates topics the MSM avoids. Her news channel, Full Measure, investigates how the Amish in Lancaster, PA have dealt with Covid. There’s not much hard data here, but it’s an interesting overview. Worth a watch.

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    How the Amish reached herd immunity

Calvin Lapp is Amish Mennonite.

Lapp: There’s three things the Amish don’t like. And that’s government— they won’t get involved in the government, they don’t like the public education system— they won’t send their children to education, and they also don’t like the health system. They rip us off. Those are three things that we feel like we’re fighting against all the time. Well, those three things are all part of what Covid is.

Apparently I’m Amish?

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    How the Amish reached herd immunity

Interesting anecdote.

facing the virus head-on is a possible strategy, but the question is, at what cost?

this study seems to suggest that there were a bit more excess deaths among Amish in 2020, with a sharp spike in oct/nov:

they fared worse that the surrounding non-Amish in 2020, but they have their lives intact now, not cowering in fear behind masks and covid vaccine passports.

so was it worth it?

that would be an issue of personal values, rather than a health issue as some try to suggest.

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    How the Amish reached herd immunity

They shop at Costco.


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