Homeschoolers: It’s Monday. What does your “today” look like?

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  • Mon, Feb 04, 2013 - 01:42pm


    Amanda Witman

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    Homeschoolers: It’s Monday. What does your “today” look like?

For some of us, Monday isn't all that different from any other day.  But every day has its own activities and priorities in my house. 

Today three of my kids and I will be going to our weekly are homeschool gathering, where my oldest will participate in classes in Geometry (a year-long course) and Marine Biology (a two-month course) and my youngest two will play organized games, make crafts, and have some free time with their friends. 

My second-oldest will be staying home and recuperating from a long and busy weekend, but he's got chores to do…bringing in a day or two's worth of wood, putting away clean dishes and washing a load of dirty ones, and tending the woodstove.  Most likely he'll spend the day reading and relaxing.  This afternoon he'll be spending two hours training with his circus troupe before he helps me make and serve dinner.

This evening my oldest will begin his first community college course, a wonderful class offered for "dual enrollment" high schoolers who are taking college classes concurrently with high school (in our case homeschooling).  The course is meant to bring them up to speed with how to succeed in community college — writing skills, basic knowledge, study habits, time management, etc.  It will be an interesting test of how well he is prepared.  The course runs all semester.

All four of them will practice their musical instruments and do some physical self-care at home such as stretching; one practices ballet, one does yoga, etc.

I'll be with them at our homeschool group, working and doing housework, and also trying to squeeze in some time at the local gym for myself.

What does your "today" look like?

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